Gov. Evers to WTMJ: state capitol ‘well prepared’ for any threats – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-01-13 11:09:47 –

Governor Tony Evers said the State Capitol was ready to deal with all threats and “wants” the state to be able to nullify violent protests. Governor’s comment on Wednesday was in response to a warning from the FBI on armed protests planned at all 50 State Capitols.

“The National Guard is already on the scene,” Evers told WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi. “We are ready for the worst. There are a lot of people on site to protect the building.”

The Governor joined Scaffidi the morning after the state’s speech.

Evers responded to a special session call to upgrade the state’s unemployment system.

“(Speaker Robin Boss), like me, knows that this system has been broken for years. It needs to be fixed. If Robin wants to blame me, go ahead. Let’s blame me. I don’t care. They know the system is ready to ring. “

About the COVID-19 package passed by the state legislature:

“If Congress doesn’t want (pass) it, we don’t have the law. That’s a shame. We agree (the Congress) with the Senate version, which is 99% of what we agreed. I hope that. “

About slow vaccine deployment:

“Not to mention, I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. There are a lot of people in nursing homes and assisted living. We lead the country. We first get nursing homes and supported consumers Must enter. Elderly people will be soon afterwards. There is a great opportunity in the near future. You must first go through this first group. “

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