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Honolulu (KHON2) —Last year, Governor David Ige said Hawaii faces unparalleled challenges and unpredictable challenges.

According to Ige, stormy weather has caused floods and landslides that damage some parts of our island. A close call to the tropical cyclone Linda reminded Hawaiians that it would take only one storm to affect the entire state, causing the largest wildfire in Hawaii County. A record of Mana Road Fire, which burned over 40,000 acres and destroyed two homes in Hawaiian Homeland.

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“All of these incidents were tolerated and managed as they continued to fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing physical and financial distress to our people,” said Ige. Stated. “To act now to be more prepared for disasters as a nation and more prepared as people is to take care of our family and friends, protect our beautiful natural resources, strengthen our economy, and Ultimately it is essential to lift the whole of Hawaii. “

To that end, Governor David Ige has declared September as National Preparation Month.

“Hawaii is often under threat from natural disasters during the hurricane season, and preparation is key to our survival as a state and as a nation,” said Ige. “With the addition of COVID-19, it is of utmost importance to be vigilant with proper health and safety in mind.”

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) prepares for both natural and man-made disasters to ensure that all communities, from upwind to leeward, from Keiki to Kupuna, are ready. We encourage all Hawaiians to take simple but important steps. For emergencies.

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If you are eligible for vaccination, now is the perfect time. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for county alerts on your mobile phone. Plan ways to communicate and reconnect with your family, take the time to learn about the dangers of living, working and playing places, create emergency gobags and start supplying water and food for 14 days ..

The National Preparedness Month is a call for action, and HI-EMA makes all businesses, nonprofits, classrooms, religious groups, and homes a more prepared and resilient part of Ohana, Hawaii. We encourage you to promise.

Gov. Ige proclaims September National Preparedness Month Source link Gov. Ige proclaims September National Preparedness Month

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