Gov. Kelly urges Congress to fund I.T. modernization projects for unemployment offices across the U.S. – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-02-22 21:25:36 –

Topeka, Kansas (KSNT) – Governor Laura Kelly wrote a letter on Monday urging the federal government to take action to address issues that have burdened the state’s Ministry of Labor since the outbreak of the pandemic. Announced that it was sent to the leader.

Governor Kerry joins the state leaders of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to provide immediate funding to the state to accelerate IT modernization and a permanent source of funding for the state to prepare for future crises. Asked Congress to provide.

“We are asking the Fed to provide more so we can continue to modernize, but then you will not let go of building these things. Perform regular maintenance and upgrades. We need to, “Governor Kelly said at a press conference.

State unemployment offices suffer from late payments and mass fraud. State leaders say this refers to the decades-old computer system used by the department, and upgrades are urgently needed.

According to labor agencies across the country, Kansas is one of 30 states that need to update their computer systems to ensure timely payments of benefits. Amber Schultz, deputy secretary general of the Kansas Ministry of Labor (KDOL), said the state has about 12,000 unprocessed PUA, one of the federal unemployment programs.

Schultz elaborated on the state’s unemployment agency’s use of past funds allocated for modernization in the early 2000s. According to Schultz, the total funding was about $ 47 million.

“Some key components of the system have been modernized according to the detailed design, functional requirements, and engineering of the phases, but just as agencies have begun to check some of the success of the key components. The Brownback administration abruptly terminated its modernization project in 2011, “Schultz said.

The Governor said the project stopped immediately when the former Secretary of Labor took office in 2011.

The state’s current efforts to fund IT modernization projects have been allocated $ 37.5 million to this year’s budget.

According to the state’s Unemployment Department, such a modernization project usually takes three to five years, but we are trying to accomplish it as soon as possible to help Kansas’ struggle.

Leaders in other states have set a deadline for project completion in 2022.

“Now we need to help the unemployed in every possible way, but we need cooperation between the state and federal governments to bring results to Kansas... Increasing federal funding for rapid modernization will help KDOL and my administration tackle the immediate challenges and protect future generations from this type of crisis. We look forward to working with our state and federal partners to provide Kansas with a solution as soon as possible. “

Governor Laura Kelly

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Gov. Kelly urges Congress to fund I.T. modernization projects for unemployment offices across the U.S. Source link Gov. Kelly urges Congress to fund I.T. modernization projects for unemployment offices across the U.S.

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