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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-04-08 18:00:00 –

Governor Kemp issued a statement on Thursday calling for President Biden to overturn the February 11 ruling of the International Trade Commission on SK Innovation.

The governor argued that SK Innovation’s vehicle battery production facility in Jackson County, which costs about $ 2.6 billion, would be severely damaged without the president’s actions. President Biden has a 60-day grace period after the ITC’s ruling, which could overturn the findings and the impact on SK and its customers, including Ford and Volkswagen.

“There is no doubt that President Biden’s disinformation campaign and MLB’s public support to move all-star games out of Georgia have hurt the rewards and profits of hard-working Georgians and small businesses in the Metro Atlanta region,” Kemp said. The governor said. “But the president now has yet another decision before him to invest or break $ 2.6 billion in our state. The work of at least 2,600 Georgians is an ITC decision. It depends on President Biden’s next decision on. His authority to do the right thing. “

Governor Kemp’s previous remarks on the ITC’s decision and his statement to President Biden can be read below.

“Dear President:

Your administration has embarked on an important review of the future of electric vehicle (EV) battery plants in Commerce, Georgia. The factory employs about 2,600 people and is equivalent to about $ 2.6 billion, the largest foreign investment in my state’s history. When completed, the factory will account for almost half of the essential non-captive EV batteries in our country. These batteries will be available for purchase by EV manufacturers on the free market. The factory’s initial annual production will supply 22GWh of EV battery capacity. It has enough battery capacity for 330,000 electric vehicles and plans to employ more than 6,000 workers and expand to produce 50GWh per year by 2025. SK Innovation Co., Ltd. (“SKI”), a Korean company, will be the only major EV battery factory in the country built without federal subsidies.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced a decision banning SKI from importing battery parts and components for 10 years. However, with limited exceptions, the company can produce VW batteries at its Ford plant for four years and VW batteries for two years. SKI tells Georgia that the ITC’s decision will make it impossible for the plant to be economically viable, and if no action is taken to disapprove the ITC’s decision, SKI will close the commercial facility. He said he would be forced to.

The commerce plant fits perfectly with the publicly announced goal of electrifying the US car fleet, providing high-paying jobs for local workers. In addition, the recently announced Executive Order on Supply Chains recognized the important role of EV batteries in our economy and national security. Given that China is currently a major producer of EV batteries and has closed commerce, the Georgia plant will put the United States further behind China in the global EV battery race.

On behalf of the people of Georgia, exercise the powers given to you under the law to disapprove ITC’s decisions because they are against the public interest and seriously jeopardize the environmental and economic goals of the administration. I pay tribute to that.

This may not be an easy decision, but it’s not unprecedented. President Obama took similar action in 2013, concluding that the ITC’s decision also threatened the public interest and harmed US consumers. In this case, the decisive action to disapprove the ITC’s ruling will prevent the ruling from adversely affecting Georgia and the US economy and maintain our ability to compete in the global competition for clean energy vehicles and trucks. It’s just as important to do.

Simply put, thousands of Georgians livelihoods are now in your hands. This important opportunity requires us to work together for my state and our country. Know that I can help you with your decision in some way. “

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Gov. Kemp urges President to overturn ITC ruling against local manufacturer | News Source link Gov. Kemp urges President to overturn ITC ruling against local manufacturer | News

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