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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan sought patience while waiting for residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and in a state speech Wednesday night, the process was far more than anyone would have hoped for. Declared that it would be time consuming and difficult.

With a shortage of vaccine supplies to meet the demand and criticism of the state’s expansion, Hogan sought to ensure that the state would not rest until all Marylanders had access to the vaccine. However, the Republican governor said the amount of vaccine currently allocated by the federal government was “only a small part of what we need.”

“It will take a lot of patience over the months, while the state is urging the federal government and manufacturers to increase production and significantly increase the quota they offer,” Hogan said. I did. “In the meantime, we must continue to take the precautions necessary to keep our family, friends, and neighbors healthy and safe.”

Maryland has administered more than 570,000 vaccines so far, Hogan said.

“In the first few weeks, far more Marylanders have been vaccinated than the total number of virus infections in the past year. We are anxious to wait for the additional supply that is urgently needed. That’s why we’re building a state-wide distribution infrastructure rapidly, “says Hogan. ..

Dr. Eric Luedtke, a majority leader in the House of Representatives who responded to the speech with the Democratic Party, said the vaccine deployment “failed.” He focused on poor communication that “deeply confused the public about how to access the vaccine.”

“Communication about it was absolutely terrible,” Luedtke of Montgomery County said on Maryland Public Television, which carried Hogan’s speech and Luedtke’s response. “Marylander needs a clear message about who is eligible, when they are eligible, and how to get the vaccine, but to date they haven’t.”

Breaking away from tradition, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hogan made a speech in virtually his seventh state, not before a joint session of the legislature. The governor gave his speech in the evening, giving the inhabitants the opportunity to see more.

County officials are planning to target specific zip codes to ensure that the color community receives the COVID-19 vaccine. News4 Cory Smith reports.

Hogan also emphasized financial remedies and education.

Earlier that day, the Maryland Senate granted preliminary approval to a bill proposed by Hogan with over $ 1 billion in tax cuts and economic stimulus. The Senate, managed by the Democratic Party, added more than $ 500 million to Hogan’s first proposal.

The bill includes Hogan’s proposal to pay direct incentives to low- and middle-income residents, benefiting families up to $ 750 and individuals up to $ 450. It will eliminate all state and local income taxes on unemployment benefits. The governor’s plan also requires a sales tax credit of up to $ 3,000 per month for four months for small businesses.

Luedtke said the plan had bipartisan support.

“In cooperation with the Governor, Congress will provide immediate relief to Pandemic-affected Maryland families and small businesses,” Luedtke said.

Hogan also repeated his support for returning students to the classroom.

“It’s important to give students the opportunity to return to the classroom safely,” says Hogan. “We have always pursued science throughout this crisis. Science is clear.”

Last month, he called on local school officials to somehow study directly in the classroom by March 1. At a press conference, he said there was growing consensus that the county school board had no public health reasons to keep students out. school’s.

“We demand that school governors and superintendents work with parents and teachers to reopen schools, not demons or intimidation,” Luedtke said.

Throughout this crisis we always follow science and science is clear.

Governor Larry Hogan

Last week, the president of the Maryland Education Association criticized the lack of safety measures and available vaccines.

“I’m dissatisfied with the lack of vaccines after being informed of how important it is to get vaccinated,” said Cheryl Bost, president of MSEA. In a safe and sustainable way for students. I want to go back to school. “

Maryland reported that it confirmed a total of 357,483 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. This is an increase of 942 cases from the previous day. The state also reported that there were 7,043 deaths in Maryland so far during the pandemic, with 31 deaths from the previous day.

Gov. Larry Hogan Focuses on Vaccines, Economic Help, Schools in Speech – NBC4 Washington Source link Gov. Larry Hogan Focuses on Vaccines, Economic Help, Schools in Speech – NBC4 Washington

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