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Sacramento, California 2020-11-19 19:08:52 –

Sacramento (CBS13 / AP) — Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that California will implement a one-month curfew.

A restricted curfew means that under the most restrictive “purple layer” status, 41 counties will be banned from non-essential work and rallies from 10 pm to 5 am. .. The order, which came into effect at 10 pm on Saturday, is valid for a month, according to Newsom.

It is unclear exactly how the curfew will be enforced.

The curfew covers 94% of the state’s approximately 40 million residents. Conducted in 41 of the 58 counties in the state, virus cases have increased significantly and face the most stringent restrictions under California’s economic resumption system.

“The virus is spreading at a pace not seen since the start of this pandemic, and the next few days and weeks are important to stop the surge. We are ringing the alarm,” Newsom said in a statement. It was.

This is an announcement that Democrat Newsom usually makes directly. However, he was not expected to attend a virtual press conference with the state’s chief health officer, as he faced intense criticism of his recent attendance at the party. He was in an expensive Napa Valley restaurant with lobbyists, despite begging residents to avoid gatherings with people from multiple households.

“Even our daily activities pose a higher risk,” said Dr. Mark Garry, director of the California Department of Health and Welfare, at a press conference.

Hospitalization rates rose by nearly 64% in 14 days, and positive rates jumped from less than 3% to 5.6% in 7 days, he said. The state recorded 11,478 cases on Thursday, and about 12% of those cases will be hospitalized in the next two weeks, Ghaly said.

The new nighttime restrictions are designed to “help us stop the tide and lower it very quickly,” Ghaly said. “This allows us to stop the surge faster and avoid stricter restrictions.”

Unwanted businesses need to close by 10 pm, but restaurants are allowed to serve takeaway and delivery food, allowing people to engage in routine activities such as walking dogs. They can still get medical care, receive prescriptions, and meet other important needs.

California was the first state to impose a curfew in March, and Ghaly said health officials have since learned many lessons that allow new orders to be more targeted with that approach. ..

The first blockade in spring affected all residents day and night, but Ghaly said night travel was a safe distance, especially for people wearing masks.

Earlier Thursday, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said his agent would not enforce compliance with county or state-level health orders related to COVID-19.

“The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office does not determine compliance with curfew, home, Thanksgiving, or other health or urgent orders related to social gatherings inside or outside the home. Maximum capacity, Or the duty of the mask, “Jones said in a statement released Thursday.

The curfew is ahead of Thanksgiving week. Public health leaders have begged people to avoid large family gatherings. There is nothing that these kinds of activities can provide a simple vector for the coronavirus to spread exponentially and put more strain on the hospital.

James Gallagher, one of the Republicans who has challenged the executive order related to Newsom’s coronavirus pandemic in court, immediately criticized the governor’s curfew.

“The governor likes to advertise that his actions are scientifically driven, but the evidence does not support such dramatic actions that simply limit people’s freedom,” Gallagher said in a statement. I mentioned in.

Earlier this week, Newsom hinted that he was considering a possible curfew to control the coronavirus pandemic. The Governor also announced that he would pull the state’s “emergency brake” to downgrade dozens of California counties, representing the majority of the state’s inhabitants, to the most restrictive “purple” layer of reopening.

“We are ringing the alarm,” Newsom said in a statement on Monday. “California is experiencing the fastest increase we’ve ever seen, which is faster than it was at the start of the pandemic or even this summer.”

Some other countries, and even some US cities, have curfew related to the coronavirus. Newsam said he and public health leaders are considering the effectiveness of curfew and other curfew before implementing it.

Still, Sheriff Jones emphasized that his office would not enforce existing or imminent county or state-level health orders.

Instead, Jones said callers reporting such health order violations would be instructed to call 3-1-1.

“Of course, we will continue to respond appropriately if there is potential criminal activity or potential public or personal security implications,” Jones said.

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Gov. Newsom Issues Month-Long Curfew, Starting Saturday, For Counties In ‘Purple’ COVID-19 Alert Tier – CBS Sacramento Source link Gov. Newsom Issues Month-Long Curfew, Starting Saturday, For Counties In ‘Purple’ COVID-19 Alert Tier – CBS Sacramento

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