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San Francisco (AP / CBS13) — As the majority of California students approach a year of distance learning, Governor Gavin Newsom vowed to resume classrooms “very, very soon” on Tuesday. But his predictions were questioned by Los Angeles teachers who continued to insist that the state’s largest school district would not open without further vaccination.

“The growing pressure to go back to school is political. It’s not science,” the United Teachers in Los Angeles said in a statement. The union said next week that all returning staff would vote to refuse to resume face-to-face lessons unless certain requirements were met, including vaccinations and the continuing decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in the county. ..

Newsom has been reopening school for weeks and negotiating with lawmakers for a deal to bail out the rest of the year. Most of California’s 6 million public school students haven’t seen classrooms since the state was first closed in mid-March 2020. Last week, state legislators submitted a $ 6.5 billion proposal aimed at reopening school by this spring. It was too late and he suggested that he could refuse it.

At a press conference on Tuesday signed by Newsom $ 7.6 billion inspiration, The most pressing question focused on reopening school. Will he consider forcing the school to reopen or using urgent authority to suspend local negotiations? Why does the teachers union say so much when firefighters and grocery workers have to report to work directly? Specifically, when did the school reopen and who has not been able to resume face-to-face lessons so far?

Newsom declined to ask and did not reveal any details other than saying the deal was under negotiation, and he hopes to release details soon.

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“We are confident that we can bring our children back to school very quickly,” Newsom said. “We look forward to sharing the fruits of all these efforts with you in the coming days,” he and the state legislature added.

Returning students to the classroom has become an urgent political issue for Newsom, who faces the possibility of a call later this year. Republicans in California blamed Newsom for the frustration and burnout faced by students and parents after about a year of distance learning, and took up a heated topic.

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Newsom proposed his own school reopening plan in late December. It provided a financial incentive for elementary schools to reopen without mandating reopening.

However, it was widely criticized by the school’s superintendent, trade unions, and lawmakers for setting an unrealistic schedule, including the need to resume cases of COVID-19 in California in mid-February, when it remained high. .. Critics said the plan also failed to address teacher vaccinations.

Newsome plans to secure 10% of initial vaccinations for educators, school staff and childcare workers starting in March as California’s coronavirus cases continue to decline rapidly. The purpose is to get you started in a hurry.

Health officials in Los Angeles County say it is the state’s largest inhabitant with 10 million inhabitants, and the infection rate is low enough that classroom instruction can be resumed if all districts choose. ..

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest school district in the United States and one of the more than 70 school districts in the county. While the demand for full vaccination options for all teachers has doubled, others in the county are moving towards resumption.

One of those districts, Long Beach Unified, is the fourth largest district in the state with 70,000 students and will resume primary school face-to-face instruction on March 29. As the case level continues to decline, grades 6-12 will return to the classroom in April. ..

The state’s second-largest school district in San Diego said it had set a target date of April 12 for reopening schools at all grade levels on Tuesday. However, the date provided that school staff had access to the vaccine and that the county’s COVID-19 case rate was less than 7 per 100,000 inhabitants, the San Diego Unified School District said in a statement. As of Tuesday, the county’s case rate was 22 per 100,000, a sharp drop from a record high earlier this year.

Parliamentarians have hinted that they could pass a $ 6.5 billion school reopening plan earlier this week, but the Parliamentary Budget Committee failed to proceed on Monday.

Senator Nancy Skinner of the Democratic Party of Berkeley, who chairs the Senate Budget and Finance Review Board, said optimistic lawmakers will soon be able to act.

The infection rate has dropped and teachers “feel like they’re listening,” she said on Monday. “We can now feel much more comfortable for everyone. This will land and be seen by more people. Soon more schools will open.”

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