Gov. Reynolds, Iowa Department of Public Safety detail troopers’ mission on the Texas border – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-07-28 11:48:28 –

The governor held a press conference on Wednesday to provide information on the work of soldiers on the Texas-Mexico border.

Des Moines, Iowa — After spending more than two weeks in the area of ​​Del Rio, Texas, a group of Iowa soldiers returned home.

Governor Kim Reynolds has chosen to send about 20 members of the Iowa State Public Security Bureau to the Texas-Mexico border. Texas Governor Greg Abbott He requested support for the growing immigration crisis.

“Texas law enforcement agencies … can tell without hesitation that they were very grateful,” Reynolds told reporters Tuesday. “I’m really tired because they’re tired. They work 24 hours a day with numbers coming across borders.”

Reynolds said some of the soldiers involved in the mission would elaborate on Wednesday at a press conference at DPS headquarters at 10 am. The governor also explains the mission to the media.

“They will talk about what they have experienced at the border,” Reynolds said. “But we were proud that our soldiers were there. They did a great job.”

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According to state government documents, Iowa taxpayers, not Texas residents, bear the cost of missions to the border. It is not clear what the 16-day travel expenses will be.

Reynolds defended her decision to send a group of soldiers out of state because of drug increases and border trafficking issues.

“My first responsibility is the health and security of Iowan, and the humanitarian crisis at the southern border of our country affects all 50 states,” Reynolds said. Said in June.. “The rise in drugs, trafficking and violent crimes has become unsustainable. Iowa has no choice but to act, without compromising the ability of the Iowa Department of Public Security to provide all the public security services that Iowa needs. In honor of the Texas Emergency Management Assistance Compact, with the guarantee of. ”

Iowa joined four other states in sending its own law enforcement agency to the Arizona-Texas border.

Patrol, Iowa, does not provide specific operational details for the mission.

The Governor’s Office said the Iowa National Guard is also currently conducting a mission with 24 soldiers from Unit 2/34 IBCT to assist in law enforcement at the country’s southern border. This is due to a request from the Trump administration in October 2020 under the title 10 active mobilization order.

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Gov. Reynolds, Iowa Department of Public Safety detail troopers’ mission on the Texas border Source link Gov. Reynolds, Iowa Department of Public Safety detail troopers’ mission on the Texas border

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