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Gov. Sisolak sends letter asking White House to ‘reconcile’ Trump Nevada rallies with federal health guidance | Coronavirus – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-09-16 16:16:00 –

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Gov. Steve Sisolak on Wednesday sent a letter to the White House Coronavirus Task Force and Vice President Mike Pence asking the administration to “reconcile” President Donald Trump’s large public gatherings in Nevada over the weekend with federal COVID-19 prevention guidance.

Sisolak highlighted the White House task force’s recommendations and Trump’s “contradictory actions” in Nevada, and asked for an explanation after the President and his campaign hosted rallies in Minden and Henderson on Saturday and Sunday that defied state directives on face masks, indoor capacity limits and crowd size limits.   

“I agree with CDC recommendations that event planners and officials should collaborate with state and local governments to make adjustments to meet the unique needs and circumstances of local communities who have done all they could to ensure businesses and visitors follow state directives. Recommendations that that the President does not support or feels entitled to ignore,” the letter says. “I respectfully request that the White House Cornavirus Task Force explain to myself and the residents of the State of Nevada how we reconcile the recommendations from this group of the President’s public health experts and and his own contradictory actions here in our state.” 

The governor expressed frustration at the “confounding” lack of clear and consistent messaging from the President on how to behave during the pandemic, calling Trump’s policy positions “inconsistent.”

Sisolak added that Nevadans now face a “probably increase” in contagious spread of coronavirus in the weeks following the weekend rallies, calling the President’s behavior a “callous disregard” for Nevada emergency directives and mitigation measures. 

“[Nevadans] deserve an explanation as to the President’s actions in Nevada and whether the [White House] Task Force finds them acceptable,” the letter says. “Nevadans deserve much better from the Trump administration … I would ask what additional support Nevada to receive from the Federal government to ensure it can effectively combat this deadly virus now that the President has undoubtedly risked and increased spread in two of our communities?” 

A copy of the letter is available here: 

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