Gov. Stitt signs bill limiting race, gender curriculums in Oklahoma schools – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-05-07 17:50:50 –

Oklahoma City — Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Friday that schools in Oklahoma have signed a bill limiting the curriculum of race and gender.

House Bill 1775 prohibits state public schools, colleges, and colleges from incorporating specific gender and race messages into their course guidance, according to lawmakers.

“This bill never stops teaching history and what is currently in Oklahoma’s educational standards, including a curriculum that shows historical examples of racism and genocide,” R- Moore Rep. Kevin West said. “This bill personally blames students for what they have done in the past, whether they are racist or sexist in nature, or people of similar race or gender. It simply states that you cannot force the answer that you have to feel. “

State public schools and colleges are currently teaching curriculum and need training, West said. Much of the curriculum known as “Critical Race Theory” is based on a Marxist idealism designed to hate American exceptionism and teach children not to trust others based on color or gender. He said.

Republican Rep. Shawn Roberts, a Republican on the bill, said: We should teach children basic equality, which is part of America’s ideals, rather than teaching children to take any responsibility for past atrocities by race or gender. “

The bill states that teachers, managers, or other employees of school districts, charter schools, or virtual charter schools must not request the following concepts or attend courses.

  • One race or gender is essentially superior to another.
  • Individuals, whether conscious or unconscious, are racist, sexist, or oppressive in nature, depending on race and gender.
  • Individuals must be discriminated against or disadvantaged, either alone or in part, because of race or gender.
  • Members of one race or gender cannot and should not attempt to treat another without respect for race or gender.
  • The moral character of an individual is inevitably determined by race and gender.
  • Individuals are responsible for past actions taken by other members of the same race or gender, depending on their race or gender.
  • Individuals must experience discomfort, guilt, distress, or other forms of psychological distress due to race or gender.
  • Characteristics such as meritocracy or diligent ethics are racist or sexist, or created by a member of one race to suppress a member of another race.

In addition, the bill prohibits requiring compulsory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling in schools.

“In these trainings, students take a multiple-choice test and ask a series of questions about gender and sexual diversity,” says West. “If the question is incorrect according to the test parameters, instead of moving on to the next question, let the children choose the answer until they reach an approved option. This is a blatant instruction to teach the children not to think for themselves. It’s an attempt, but think about what you want your kids to think about in the test program. “

Stitt has released a video statement about his decision to sign the bill.

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Gov. Stitt signs bill limiting race, gender curriculums in Oklahoma schools Source link Gov. Stitt signs bill limiting race, gender curriculums in Oklahoma schools

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