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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2021-05-04 23:15:06 –

Harrisburg, PA (KDKA) —Governor Tom Wolf announced on Tuesday that the COVID-19 mitigation order, excluding Maskman Date, will be lifted from 12:01 am on May 31st.

“Once 70% of adults in Pennsylvania are completely vaccinated, the masking order will be lifted,” Wolf wrote on Twitter.

Currently, the state states that over 50 percent of the state’s total population receives at least one dose.

In Westmoreland County, 42% of the population is partially vaccinated and 30% is fully vaccinated. In Allegheny County, 69% are partially vaccinated and 44% are fully vaccinated.

At this time, Pennsylvania still requires people to refer to the CDC Guidance on COVID-19 to stay safe and healthy. According to the state, testing and case reporting will continue.

The requirements that apply to hospitals and long-term care facilities remain valid and are not affected by the May 31 deregulation.

The Declaration of Disaster Emergency for the COVID-19 Pandemic issued by Governor Wolf continues.

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The news on Tuesday was welcomed by restaurant owners throughout the state.

“This is an announcement that we all felt we should make a month ago,” said Melissa Boba of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lozing Association.

Restaurants and businesses will be fully operational on May 31st. There are no restrictions or distance restrictions, but it may not be as easy as opening the door.

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“We have employment problems. How can we get our employees back to work? How do we solve these problems? A 15-month investment in mitigations made by the industry. How do you overcome this? “Boba said.

As the industry takes the next step, restaurant owners demand patience. One of the things that doesn’t change is Maskman Date. The governor said the mission would continue until 70 percent of the state’s population was vaccinated.

“That’s where we think we’re in a safe area where we can’t wear masks,” said Senator Jacosta.

So when can we reach that 70%?

“I’m not sure. The last 20-30% of fully vaccinated people, or multiple vaccinations, will be a different type of challenge than in the last four months,” UPMC said. Dr. Don Yealy said.

Yerry said the gear to deal with vaccination denials trying to reach herd immunity has shifted, but he believes it is still safe to lift the restrictions at the end of the month.

“It’s always a good idea to have that mask and wear it, and by paying attention to the distance and the people around you, you just use your senses when you’re indoors rather than in a large open space,” Yealy said. Mr. says.

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The move to lift the restrictions feels like an end, but Senator Costa told KDKA that the Vaccine Task Force will continue to monitor case numbers, especially in June. If the number of cases surges or new strains are found, the group can be reassessed and new restrictions can be added as needed.

Gov. Wolf Announces Most COVID-19 Mitigation Orders Will Be Lifted By May 31 – CBS Pittsburgh Source link Gov. Wolf Announces Most COVID-19 Mitigation Orders Will Be Lifted By May 31 – CBS Pittsburgh

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