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Government warns doctors and insurance companies: Don’t charge for the new coronavirus vaccine

The New York Times is investigating costs associated with testing, treating, and vaccination with coronavirus. You can read the project details and submit a medical bill. Here..

The Byden administration has reaffirmed that it is illegal to charge doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies for coronavirus vaccines. letter Get the Times Show.

The new warning is Concerns Among unvaccinated Americans, I was able to receive an invoice by injection. Kaiser Family Foundation Recent Poll We found that about one-third of unvaccinated adults were uncertain whether their insurance would cover the new vaccine.

“We recognize the costs associated with vaccination, from staff training to vaccination storage,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra wrote in a letter to vaccinations and insurance companies. It was. “Healthcare providers cannot charge patients for these costs, but they can request a refund through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or other applicable coverage.”

The letter warns that claiming a patient could lead to state or federal “enforcement measures,” but does not specify what the penalties will be.

Written by the federal government Strong consumer protection To make sure the patient does not have to pay for the coronavirus vaccine.

Last spring’s stimulus package banned insurers from claiming vaccine co-payments and deductions for patients. The same law also created a fund to cover the cost of vaccination of uninsured Americans.

On top of these legal protections are contracts signed by doctors and hospitals to receive the vaccine. The documents state that vaccinated persons cannot charge patients for services.

It seems that stronger protection worked. While many patients encounter the coronavirus Test invoice, There are only a handful of related vaccines.

Still, the rules are not absolutely certain and some patients face illegal claims. April Inspector General’s Health and Welfare Office It was published The letter said, “We have recognized patient complaints about the provider’s fees for obtaining the Covid-19 vaccine.”

Some patients Surprise charge for Times project Collecting patient invoices for testing, treatment and vaccination. Prices range from $ 20 to $ 850.If you receive a coronavirus vaccine invoice, you can submit it Here..

Patients who have received a coronavirus vaccine bill can challenge the claim. If you have health insurance, you can contact your plan and ask why you received the bill during two federal laws — the Family First Coronavirus Response Act. And the CARES method — outlaw it.

A small portion of health insurance is exempt from the law. These “exempt” plans have existed before the Health Insurance Reform Act and are not subject to the requirement to fully cover coronavirus vaccines and other preventative services.

However, even these patients are protected by a doctor-signed contract if not invoiced. Doctors renew unpaid fees Coverage support fund It was created by the Biden administration last month, especially to address the gap in patient coverage.

Patients who are not insured can instruct their health care provider to make a claim. Covid-19 Uninsured Program, Set to cover those without coverage.

If the insurer or doctor does not want to cancel the claim, the patient can seek help from state regulators. State insurance department State Attorney Generals usually tend to respond to complaints from doctors and hospitals about possible improper claims, but state prosecutors say whether medical insurance does not adequately cover medical care. Handle complaints about.

Government warns doctors and insurance companies: Don’t charge for the new coronavirus vaccine

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