Governor Bescher announces a state of emergency according to gas prices – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-06-23 17:30:38 –

Frankfort, Kentucky (LEX 18) — In response to rising gas prices, Governor Andy Beshear issued a state of emergency on Thursday. But don’t expect gas prices to drop significantly.

“The state of emergency will provide minimal additional relief to Kentucky citizens,” according to an answer written by Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

But Bescher said it was worth the order.

“Even minimal relief is better than no relief,” Bescher said.

A state of emergency enables state price cuts. The Attorney General’s office has received 263 complaints about gas price surges since the beginning of the year, Bescher said. He also emphasized that 22 of those complaints reported prices that were more than 10% higher than the prevailing prices in Kentucky at the time.

According to Bescher, the state of emergency will hold Price Gougers accountable.

But until the end of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he says, the real problem will not be resolved. Bescher explained that experts say the conflict is raising gas prices here at home.

“Some of us? How can the United States not get oil and gas from Russia? Well, all European allies are demanding that Russia not accept exports. Such a vicious and horrific war. It’s unfolding. ” “So we are providing them with a fair amount of oil and gas, which is raising prices everywhere.”

“Some of what we are seeing now will not subside until the war ends or is nearing its end,” Bescher added. “We must understand that stopping a dictator is always a sacrifice. We are not asked to send a son and daughter, but we are asked to endure financial difficulties. “

LEX 18 News asked the governor if the state is considering other options to reduce the financial burden on the family. Mr Bescher said the state is considering cost-cutting measures in other areas to offset the high costs of gas.

“If we can save $ 1 for Kentucky people in another region, we’re looking at all sorts of permits and other things. Where can we find a way to save $ 1 that Kentucky people can use to apply? Do you want to? [on gas].. Our goal is to help families overcome difficult times and reach better times. “This is all temporary, but it doesn’t end in a few weeks,” says Bescher.

According to Bescher’s team, the move is just the latest action by the governor “to ease the cost-increasing burden of Kentucky citizens.”

They point to other actions, such as the governor’s presidential order to freeze the value of cars and stop raising the state’s gasoline tax by 2 cents per gallon.

Earlier this month, Bescher sent a letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency requesting that the government grant an exemption and remove the requirement to sell more expensive “remixed” fuels in many urban areas.

“Remixed gas helps reduce pollution, but in these unprecedented times, remixed blends are 20 or 20 per gallon to families in Kentucky who are already paying heavily. We are adding an additional cost of over 30 cents, “Besser said.

Since then, the EPA has responded that it does not grant exemptions at this time, but continues to monitor the situation.

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