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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-10-22 01:02:14 –

After the COVID-19 vaccination requirements dismissed Captain Orange County Fire Rescue (OCFR) on Tuesday, Governor Desantis blamed the county and issued a statement in support of Secretary Stephen Davis.

DeSantis talked to Davis about common first responders and then questioned why Orange County turned away from those who gave more during the past year during the pandemic.

“I think the firing was completely inappropriate. I think it’s ridiculous … I don’t think it’s possible to ignite the Zoom … it’s coming soon. How many protections we already have in law Hopefully all of this can be put to sleep with the addition of that, “Desantis said Wednesday.

Davis, two fathers who have been with OCFR since 2007, lost their jobs because they did not enforce the vaccine obligations granted by Orange County. according to Fox 35 Orlando“He refused to rebuke unvaccinated employees after finding an error in the list of people to be written,” said Davis’ lawyer.

Davis discusses his retirement, Press release Like DeSantis, he said he did what he did because he was concerned about the legality of the vaccine obligation and how it violated the civil rights of the people, according to the Desantis office. rice field.

“”[For nearly] I have been a captain for 4 years [at Orange County Fire Rescue].. Two days ago I retired because I believed it was an illegal order … I already knew it [many of these fire rescue personnel] There was a medical exemption. I had a personal conversation with some who said they had been vaccinated. Still, I was ordered to rebuke them, “he said.

He added: “For me, this was more than just a law, it violated their own civil rights. It violated the trust of these men and women. [who] I’ve been at the forefront for the past year and a half … Thank you, Governor. Thank you for everything you did. I know we will win in the end. “

Moreover, Fox 35 Davis’ colleague and friend Lieutenant Jose Cotti supported his decision, saying, “He believes what he has done is right.” Cotti talked about how Davis’s dismissal caused more stress at work, adding: The stress is incredibly high. Our work is already dangerous and stressful, and things are getting worse. “

Mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings, said he didn’t want to ask any more questions about the matter, saying about Davis’s dismissal: meeting Thursday.

“I want the people to know that we value, respect, and love firefighters … yes. During the current pandemic, we will be vaccinated to protect ourselves and the people. I asked. “

He added: “There is nothing in this directive that contradicts the other directives we have given to ensure the quality of fire and EMS services we provide before, during and after the pandemic. Obviously, vaccination. The firefighters who receive it are more ready to serve than the firefighters who do not. “

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Governor DeSantis Backs Orange County Fire Chief Who Was Terminated Due to Vaccine Mandates Source link Governor DeSantis Backs Orange County Fire Chief Who Was Terminated Due to Vaccine Mandates

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