Governor Gavin Newsom visits mobile vaccination sites in LA as new vaccine delivery system starts in parts of California – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-02-22 09:18:52 –

Los Angeles-Governor Gavin Newsom visited two mobile vaccination sites in Los Angeles on Sunday to discuss state efforts to vaccinate California’s hard-to-reach and disproportionately affected communities.

The Governor recently visited vaccination sites in Los Angeles, San Diego, Cochera Valley, San Francisco, Hayward, Fresno, and Santa Clara, highlighting the state’s efforts to increase vaccinations currently in doses above 7.1 million. doing.

Meanwhile, California’s new system for delivering, tracking, and scheduling coronavirus vaccines is being rolled out in some counties. This is the first step in Newsom’s plan to smooth out the turmoil and disjointed developments that have been hampered by limited country supplies.

Newsum announced last month that his administration used insurance company Blue Shield to design and manage a centralized system for rapid and equitable dose delivery. He also says the state needs strong data to reach a low-income community centered on Latino Americans and blacks, whose vaccines are fairly distributed and pandemic-affected. Said.

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The first list provided by the state showed that 10 inland counties in Central and Southern California chose to make the first transition to the Blue Shield system this week, but one county on Friday. He said he would migrate later. The county understands the goals, but there is confusion about what changes will be made.

Starting Sunday, Kern County’s director of public health, Brin Kulligan, said everyone had to make reservations through a state vaccine registration system called My Turn. In the neighboring Fresno County, a spokeswoman for the St. Agnes Medical Center said there were no plans to switch the schedule system.

“It’s scary to give up control of the system we’ve spent a lot of time on. It’s working really well now,” Karigan said. “Our hope is that there aren’t many hiccups and this goes smoothly.”

Darrel Ng, a vaccine spokesman for the state public health agency, refused to answer questions about what to expect during the transition. But he said the state and Blueshield “have worked tirelessly to plan and implement gradual changes to administer the vaccine more efficiently and equitably.” He said they would share more information next week.

“We are working closely with state public health authorities, local health jurisdictions, health care providers, and more,” Blueshield spokesman Matthew Yi said in a statement on Saturday to overcome the pandemic. , Refused to provide details.

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California has used stadiums, arenas, trade fairs, and even Disneyland to build large volumes for managing shots, but not much is used due to limited vaccine availability. Residents were dissatisfied when the state first vaccinated the general population in January. The 58 counties and individual hospital systems have set their own rules about who can book and how.

State officials have made it clear what they want to achieve with the new system, but provide little information about how counties and other providers are expected to get there. Authorities also know in advance that important questions such as how to measure fairness, monthly fairness goals, and even a complete network of providers are not yet answered.

What is certain is that the county will not be allowed to add any more vaccine providers as the state decides who will manage the shots through the Blue Shield.

State official Yolanda Richardson, responsible for implementing the changes, faced a concentration of questions and concerns at a community advisory board meeting last week. She said the state has something to do with the expertise to understand it.

“This is too important and important for us to go beyond our control,” Richardson said.

In addition to Fresno and Kahn, other counties in the first group include Riverside, Kings, Imperial, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin and Stanislaus. Starting March 3, another group will be added, including Los Angeles, which has 10 million of California’s approximately 40 million residents.

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San Francisco is one of the counties that will be added in mid-March, but the dates and counties for each group are subject to change.

Joe Prado, manager of community health at Fresno County, said his team had good discussions with representatives of Blue Shield and did not expect insurance companies to take over the county’s system. However, new management indicators will be introduced, including the county’s ability to administer doses within a week. Prado says it will be easier if you are notified of the expected number of shots in the three weeks.

“For now, nothing would change on Sunday without instructions and plans from Blue Shield,” he said.

The $ 15 million contract with no bids tracked quickly charges Blue Shield to create a “state-wide vaccine network” to ensure the rapid delivery of vaccines.

Some of the requirements are that rural California can reach the vaccination site within 60 minutes and urban residents can reach it within 30 minutes. People at home must receive the vaccine in their home. The state must be able to administer 3 million vaccines per week by March 1, depending on the supply. Currently, we are doing about 1.4 million.

Blue Shield needs to work with the state to develop algorithms to determine how vaccines are allocated and set incentive payments and performance aimed at enabling providers to administer vaccines to the right population more quickly. There is. The state also sets goals for what percentage of vaccines go to people in low-income or other disadvantaged areas.

Some counties and providers wonder how Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare network, will build the trust needed to vaccinate underserved people that Newsom wants to reach. I am.

St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, a community health center that provides clinics for black and Latin residents in southern and central Los Angeles, has opened three new vaccination sites to inoculate worshipers in the church. I plan to start.

“We now seem to have our ditch. The counties are vaccinated. Especially in large counties, we are introducing vaccines to the low-income color community,” said CEO Jim Jim. Manzia said. But he said “the incredible power that unelected groups have on the distribution of vaccines” like Blue Shield is embarrassing.

According to Kaligan, there are currently more than 90 vaccination providers in 900,000 counties, and her office has no statement as to which vaccination providers will remain under the Blue Shield.

The county uses spreadsheets to track vaccinations and will continue this for those who have already booked and who have received the first dose and are waiting for a second dose.

“In Kern County, it feels like the system is being dialed in. It’s ready. We need more supplies,” she said. “So, frankly, making changes without a lot of explanation and without a lot of detail is a bit scary to us.”

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