Governor gives staff $10,000 raises during pandemic – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-02-02 22:04:20 –

Meanwhile, six other employees received a salary increase of more than $ 10,000 and one employee received a salary increase of approximately $ 7,500.

When asked to interview Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, her spokesman Nora Sackett told KOB 4, “Some employees of the Governor’s Office, and in fact the entire state government, 2019. I received a salary increase since I started working for the administration. “

When asked about specific salary increases during a pandemic, Sackett said two out of eight were promoted and “their wages were adjusted for new jobs and positions.”

Sackett didn’t elaborate on why other employees were given higher wages.

Mr. Stupid said raising salaries to “political appointees” during a pandemic would not be right, especially if workers and educators in other states reduced their salary increases.

As KOB previously reported, salary increases for public school workers fell from 4% to 1% after the state’s income fell due to a pandemic.

State legislature James Townsend (Republican) said the money should have gone elsewhere.

“I tell my members who call me whenever you can’t make something like this,” he said.

Mr Townsend said he should have sent money to pandemic-affected business owners.

“And I know that each and every hard-working man and woman in New Mexico is working as hard as they can to support their family, and that they want to get this kind of salary increase. I know, “he added.

According to the Sunshine Portal, the following employees received a salary increase:

communication. Tripp Stelnicki ($ 18,600), Board and Commission Director Melissa Salazar ($ 12,000), Teresa Casados ​​Chief of Staff ($ 10,800), Matt Garcia Chief of Staff ($ 10,600), Dominic Gabello Cabinet Chief ($ 10,600), Diego Arencon Policy Advisor ($ 10,000)), Caroline Burkle ($ 10,000), Director of Cabinet Affairs, and Victory Reyes ($ 7,500), Director of Justice.

Sackett said: “Governor’s clerical staff play an important role in the operation of state administration and state governance. All of these are amplified during the year-long crisis. They are outlined in the state constitution. Coordinating state ministries, all operating under administrative leadership, as the Governor’s office staff directs the state’s COVID-19 response and provides important information to the public. This work was especially important during the ongoing pandemic, as we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to continue. “

“I think many New Mexicans are working harder,” said Senator Stupid.

“We have front-line workers, essential workers who are currently working hard. We have people who aren’t working at all and want to get much less salary increases,” he said. I added.

Parliamentarians approved the governor’s office funds during the budgeting process, which was eventually used to pay for the increase, according to Mr. Sackett.

Fools and Townsend said they would not have supported giving the governor their money if they knew they would be used to raise their salaries.

“Under that logic, the amount of money the governor and other agencies spend on the matter can be reflected in Congress, but in reality the governor has a wide range of discretion because he is exercising in a wide range of health conditions. Order. She also has discretion over her financing, “said the idiot.

“And, as I said, those dollars may have been spent in better places now. I think the timing is suspicious and I think I should have gone elsewhere where it was needed.” He added.

KOB also contacted Democratic leaders, including Speaker of the House Brian Egolf. However, spokesmen for Egolf and House Democrats said there were no comments.

Meanwhile, the state Republican Party said it opposed the salary increase.

Republican President Steve Pearce told KOB4:[The governor] The state fails and shows little interest in helping her members. Due to the uncertainty of the oil and gas industry, which now provides significant funding to our state, she continues to short-change other regions, digging into our reserves and fattening staff purses. I chose to let it. “

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