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Seattle, Washington 2021-01-14 13:45:00 –

Governor Jay Inslee delivered his third inauguration speech in a way that was unimaginable when he took office eight years ago.

The raging COVID-19 pandemic hampered the tradition of the governor speaking to a joint session of parliament within the House of Representatives.

Instead, he officially begins his third term with a videotape speech that illustrates the course through the ongoing challenges and uncertainties posed by the public health crisis towards a “new normal” and a “new era.” did.

“The darkness and anxiety of 2020 will bring relief for a new era,” he said. “Let’s make this new era an uplifting era. It renews our dreams and ambitions. This allows Washington citizens to finally embrace the future they have built up. ”

This year’s session was held in a remote location, so the speeches were mostly on the walls of the empty house and Senate room.

At the House of Commerce and Industry, only Chairman Laurie Zinkins and D-Tacoma attended the podium and made a new oath to Vice-Governor Denny Heck, who also serves as Senate Chairman.

Inslee touched on a wide range of issues focused on making progress in the 105-day session. This includes police reform, climate change, law enforcement, the operation of state agencies, and increased equity in the provision of public services.

He also vowed to continue to support SMEs with all the resources we have at our disposal, and when workers lose their wages due to illness or dismissal, we struggle with them. I’ll help make sure it doesn’t swirl.

“We will eventually start these businesses and get people back to work. In the meantime, we are preparing for the day to fully restart the economy,” he said.

In terms of education, he continued to expand early childhood education and promised to fund the university’s financial assistance program.

“We bring our students back to the classroom to make sure they are in a safe and healthy environment,” he said without elaborating on the timeline and how to do it.

Jay Inslee will take the oath of office for the third term as governor. (Governor Jay Inslee)

The 19-minute speech did not include details of the specific policies and spending proposals he had announced so far.

He didn’t mention two new taxes on capital gains and health insurance companies envisioned in the two-year $ 57.6 billion budget.

He also did not delve into his strategy for dealing with climate change, but revealed that its long-term threat cannot be ignored.

“Both viruses and climate change have fatal consequences,” he said. “Both can be solved by science and ingenuity. Both solutions can be pursued at the same time.”

Inslee is reintroducing clean fuel standards and carbon pricing approaches to limit emissions and generate state income. Both have been stalled in recent years in the Democratic legislature.

The Republican Party then criticized the speech, citing the lack of policy details such as taxes it opposes and imminent issues such as low state immunization rates. They asked for teachers to line up for their shots, hoping to reopen school sooner.

Drew Stokesbury, R-Auburn, responded with a Republican videotape. In it, he used the state’s emergency reserves to ask low-income families to offer a one-time allocation of $ 300 per student to support their children’s education. ..

He also sought funding for a working family tax credit that would give eligible families a tax refund.

At a subsequent press conference, Republican leaders in the House and Senate talked about the distribution of vaccines that are important for Insley to stop the epidemic of the coronavirus, prevent loss of life, and enable the resumption of commercial and public life. He expressed disappointment that he had not.

“We want him to succeed. We need him to succeed,” said JT Wilcox, house minority leader at R-Yelm, “depending on him to succeed.” “There are vulnerable people in every family,” he added.

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