Governor of Louisiana accuses police of Ronald Green’s death

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards accused Ronald Green of his deadly arrest in 2019 as “regrettable” and repeatedly stunned, suffocated and beaten a black driver in the state. He criticized the soldiers and rebuked the police officers who waited but did not intervene.

Edwards spoke to reporters at the Baton Rouge State Capitol and made the broadest statement to date. Controversy.

“They do not represent what we want in Louisiana, Louisiana police, especially after Mr Green was detained as well as detained,” he added about the soldiers involved. “They weren’t professionals. They didn’t act like law enforcement officers. Frankly, I’m disappointed with the on-site police officers who didn’t intervene. It also proved lack of professionalism. doing.”

Democratic Governor’s remarks came almost a week after the Associated Press Unreleased body camera video released It shows that soldiers gathering in a green car outside Monroe, Louisiana, repeatedly rocked a 49-year-old unarmed man with a stun gun, strangled him, hit his head, and dragged him with his ankle after a high-speed chase. It was. ankle.

“Unfortunately, it’s a shame,” Edwards added. “We’ve made some changes to prevent this from happening again.”

Colonel Lamar Davis, a state police officer, said last week after Green’s death, authorities restricted strangler figs and stun gun use and set up new leaders in the Monroe area.

Edwards rejected repeated requests for months to publish footage of the May 2019 arrest, saying it was “harmful” to the ongoing federal civil rights investigation into Green’s death. “I’m not going to sit here and characterize the video for you,” the governor said in October when he was personally shown to Green’s family.

However, despite ongoing state and federal investigations, the governor will meet on Friday, and under increasing public pressure, state police will release all body camera footage in Green’s arrest. He said he “strongly” supported his decision.

One of the videos, a 30-minute clip Lieutenant John Clary’s body cameraA supervisor who denied having a video of the arrest for two years, according to internal records of state police obtained by AP.

Clary has not been disciplined in this case. The trooper Collie York, seen in the video dragging the green with ankle ties, was stopped for free for 50 hours. Another soldier who shook the green with a stun gun, Dakota Demos, faced dismissal last year after being arrested in another police chase last year when he and two other soldiers allegedly used excessive force. ing.

Chris Hollingsworth was recorded as a soldier who saw Green in impressive, repetitive and stunning footage, saying “he defeated a man who lives forever” after Green was arrested. I did. Hollingsworth died in a single-vehicle highway accident last year, just hours after learning that he would be fired for his role in the Green incident.

Clary’s video shows a soldier who ordered a heavy tank, 49-year-old Green, to keep his hands and feet on the ground for more than nine minutes. Experts in the use of tactical force have criticized it as dangerous and likely to restrict breathing. ..

The previously hidden video, which was subsequently handed over to the FBI, is one of several anomalies in law enforcement’s response to Green’s death. The Troopers initially told Green’s family that he had died in a car accident, after which state police issued a short statement admitting that Green had died on his way to the hospital in a struggle with police officers. No mention is made of the use of force by soldiers.

Governor of Louisiana accuses police of Ronald Green’s death

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