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Governor Polis updates Colorado on COVID-19 response – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-13 20:53:47 –

Governor Denver-Jared Polis talks about Colorado’s COIVD-19 response on Monday, September 13 and the state’s plans to provide booster shots to more than 75% of Colorado vaccinated from Monday, September 20. Updated state.

Governor Police has joined Scott Bookman, COVID-19 Incident Commander, and Jamie Peeper, a lieutenant colonel in the Colorado Guard and senior adviser to COVID-19 vaccination.

“The state has been working hard to continue protecting Coloradans and the most vulnerable people from this deadly virus. Colorado will continue to provide unvaccinated people with vaccines to end the pandemic. We are distributing boosters at the same time that we have the resources and infrastructure to do so, “said Governor Jared Polis.

The federal government has informed the public that Monday, September 20, is the date on which booster shots will be provided to the general public. In mid-August, Colorado advised vaccination providers to offer a third dose to immunocompromised Colorado. So far, the state has provided residents with the opportunity to self-report their condition. This includes simply stating that the immune system is weak due to age or pre-existing conditions.

Police complained to the FDA in his speech, stating: And what he was right about the pandemic was Operation Warp Speed. The FDA would have been sitting late for another months at the expense of the lives of dozens to thousands of Americans. “

A third dose of the vaccine provides immunocompromised patients with the same level of protection from the COVID-19 virus as a second dose in a healthy person. As of today, 2.4% of Coloradans have received boosters.

“The effort to vaccinate 75% of Coloradans was a remarkable effort between the state and our donors. It has not been completed yet and as much as possible to vaccinate the remaining 25%. We’ll do that to make it easier for all Coloradans to receive boosters when it’s their turn to get them, “says Scott, COVID-19 Incident Commander. Bookman.

Over 75% of all eligible Coloradans have been vaccinated at least once. The majority of people hospitalized for COVID-19 are not vaccinated.

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Governor Polis updates Colorado on COVID-19 response Source link Governor Polis updates Colorado on COVID-19 response

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