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Governor visits Long Beach vaccination site and advertises plans to reopen local schools • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-02-22 13:20:19 –

Governor Gavin Newsom was in Long Beach on Monday touring the convention center’s mass vaccination site. So he praised the city’s decision to prioritize vaccines for educators.

“Long Beach is a model,” says Newsam, who wants to be replicated in counties and cities throughout the state.

According to Mayor Robert Garcia, Long Beach began vaccination of teachers shortly after the state released its teacher qualifications about a month ago.

As of February 2, the city had already booked 6,400 educators, while at the same time about 800 food workers were vaccinated. According to the numbers from the city..

Long Beach does not provide an up-to-date breakdown of how many people in each qualification group are currently vaccinated, but the number of teachers has increased to at least 7,000.

The mayor said about 1,000 teachers would receive a second dose on Monday.

“We are really excited about it,” Garcia said.

The mayor argued that all teachers should have the opportunity to be vaccinated before being required to return to work.

Newsome came to Long Beach because he was under pressure to speed up school reopening.

He said it was infeasible to wait for all educators to be vaccinated before returning the children to campus. Health officials, including the CDC, have agreed that it is safe to open primary schools in Los Angeles County and many other parts of the state soon.

Nevertheless, Long Beach Waiting for the reopening of public elementary schools until March 29After all TK-5 teachers have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated.

That’s why Newsom announced last week plans to prioritize vaccines for state-wide teachers. 10% of all doses the state receives for educators..

The governor is in a difficult situation regarding the reopening of the school and has been criticized from both sides of the debate.

Like Long Beach, a strong state teachers union argues that it is unsafe to reopen school without vaccination of staff. Meanwhile, supporters of the recall against Newsom used continued campus closures as a criticism of the governor’s response to the pandemic.

Long Beach’s ability to quickly deliver vaccines to teachers has been a hot topic in Sacramento, according to Newsam.

“Consistently, Long Beach has been referred to as an example of a district, and we need to consider the communities to consider and model them in terms of their efforts,” he said.

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