Grand jury in New York saves trouble for executives in the Trump organization | Donald Trump

May suggest intensifying legal issues against one of the former president’s business lieutenants following a flood of bomb news about Donald Trump’s criminal investigation in New York, including the convening of a special grand jury by the Manhattan district attorney. Sexual details have been revealed.

New York Times report On Tuesday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office appears to have “entered the final stages of a criminal tax audit” by Allen Weisselberg, long-time chief financial officer of the Trump Organization.

Reports that prosecutors may be approaching the final stages of a criminal tax investigation into Weisselberg Report Jeff McConney, Senior Vice President and Controller of The Trump Organization, testified before a special grand jury in Manhattan.

ABC reports that McConnie, one of the company’s “top executives,” was also a staff member of the first Trump organization to be asked to testify and was one of the “many witnesses” in front of the panel. Did.

McConnie’s role as the Trump Organization’s moneyman can have a dramatic impact on investigating possible financial crimes in a vast business empire.Special grand jury Convene The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is expected to decide whether to prosecute Trump, other executives of his company, or the business itself if he receives a criminal accusation from a prosecutor.

The investigation is extensive and relates to Trump’s business affairs prior to his presidency. The study is looking to see if the value of some of the assets in his company’s real estate portfolio was presented in a way that tricked insurers and banks. According to the Washington Post, the survey is also trying to determine if a rough real estate valuation could have led to illegal tax deductions.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is reportedly working with Weisselberg to investigate whether they have received “fringe benefits” from the company in addition to their salaries, and whether the benefits are properly taxed.

Trump and Weisselberg were usually “only two people in the room,” but when preparing tax documents and other financial documents, McConnie gave them a “tranche of original documents and raw data.” I brought the Daily Beast. report.. Therefore, McConnie may have financial information that could be used against Weisselberg and Trump.

A Weisselberg lawyer said “no comment” when asked about inquiries and Times reports.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

A long-time defendant lawyer told the Guardian that such exposure to grand jury witness testimony could provide clues to the prosecutor’s strategy and thoughts on potential misconduct. When a prosecutor begins calling a witness before a grand jury, it usually means that the prosecutor has reached a stage where he feels he is in a criminal proceeding against someone.

Daniel R Alonso, a partner of Buckley LLP New York The office, which includes past work as Chief Assistant District Attorney for the Manhattan District Attorney, said: “We have to start with a suggestion that it is clear that we are targeting CFO Allen Weisserberg. If that is correct, it seems to be, but record the controller’s testimony. Is an obvious move.

“From the report, he seems to be immune,” Alonso said of McConnie. “They don’t think he’s exposed to crime, or if so, he’s more interested in raising people to the top of the food chain, if possible.”

Allen Weisselberg stands behind Donald Trump and his son Don Jr. Photo: Timothy A Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Also, because the controller interacts with the CFO every day, “I definitely have a lot of questions. [district attorney] Asked him, or would ask him, or the many documents they could show him, would make it difficult for him to pretend to be a lack of memory, “Alonso said.

McConney did not respond to an email request for comment.

Rebecca Royf, a former prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and now a professor at the New York Law School, said in New York State Court that witnesses called before a grand jury were charged with their testimony. I explained that I couldn’t.

“I really don’t want to use a grand jury early in the investigation, at least in terms of calling witnesses, because I don’t have to accidentally immunize anyone,” Royf said.

Therefore, when prosecutors call witnesses in front of a grand jury, they have a strong sense of who they want to prosecute. They aren’t just calling people in ways that can endanger the case.

“They must have the feeling that they are in a criminal proceeding against someone because of New York grand jury practice,” Loif said.

“It seems like a more advanced investigation. It’s not just the detectives and prosecutors who are theoretically thinking about the investigation. They are actively interviewing witnesses and summarizing the possibility of prosecution.” , Said Jeffrey Lichtman, a longtime criminal defense counsel.

“They don’t just call these people suddenly.”

There seems to be no shortage of celebrities who are willing to discuss Trump, his business, or his peers.

Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen met With the Prosecutor of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. They reportedly asked Cohen about Trump’s business activities.Cohen Acknowledge sin Tax evasion, election fund violations, lies to Congress.

Jennifer Weisserberg, a former daughter-in-law of Allen Weisserberg, Offer Investigators with extensive tax records and other financial documents. Jennifer Weisselberg’s representative said: “She is still considered a potential witness and is discussing her information and potential with the district attorney. [grand jury] I will testify if necessary. “

Adult movie star Stormy Daniels She claimed to have had sex with Trump about 12 years ago and received $ 130,000 in hash money for not discussing the case in the 2016 presidential election, saying she would testify immediately in front of a grand jury. It was.

“I love the day in court and want to take testimony and provide the evidence they need from me,” Daniels reports. Said.

Trump claimed he had no sexual relationship with Daniels.

Trump’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Grand jury in New York saves trouble for executives in the Trump organization | Donald Trump

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