Grand jury soon in Lowe’s parking lot death; $25M suit filed – Portland, Oregon

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Freddie Nelson was shot dead by security guards in Loews parking lot in May

KOIN, Oregon — A grand jury will soon decide whether to file a criminal accusation about five months after a man was shot dead by a guard in Rowe’s parking lot.

Freddie Nelson was shot dead on May 29 By armed guards hired to patrol companies in the Delta Park area in Portland’s East Columbia area.

Nelson’s family is now $ 25 Million Illegal Death ProceedingsThe guards say they weren’t Oregon certified and shouldn’t have a gun.

Nelson’s family lawyer, Tom Damore, said he was with his wife, Cali Nelson, when he was shot at the age of 49. D’Amore said Kari Nelson was walking towards Lowe’s gardening center when he got off the truck and for some reason security guard Logan Gimbel blocked the truck in his car.

“He fixed them there, there was nowhere to go,” Damoah said.

At some point, Cali Nelson returned to the truck, and Zimbel allegedly told Freddie Nelson to “arrest him” and deployed a pepper spray or mace through the window.

“He was busy walking around the driver’s side and spraying mace on the car,” D’amore said.

The proceedings subsequently alleged that Gimber fired and killed Freddie Nelson. D’Amore said death was a big deal for the family, especially for the couple’s two sons and Kari Nelson who witnessed it.

“The fear of being right next to someone who was shot three or four times in the chest,” said D’amore. “That’s scary, but it’s incredible when you know that it was your husband who was killed by this person.”

Police confirm victim’s identity in a murder in Rowe’s parking lot

D’Amore said Lowe’s was not nominated as a defendant in an illegal death proceeding because it only leased the site. The proceedings have nominated Gimbel, Cornerstone Security Group, and TMT Development Co. LLC. The lawsuit states that TMT has hired Cornerstone guards to patrol the N. Hayden Meadows Driver facility.

D’Amore said the TMT or Cornerstone Security Group has had contact with Freddy Nelson in the past.

“He has a mobile home that lived there, but it was a public property,” Damoah said. there. “

Mr Damoah said the family wanted the proceedings to prevent further tragedy.

“The most important thing they want is a family, which means that it will never happen to anyone else,” he said.

D’Amore said, “Oregon needs armed guards to complete the certification process, but state documents indicate that Gimbel is not properly certified, so” I don’t have the right to carry a gun. “.

KOIN 6 News has contacted Cornerstone but has not yet responded.

Grand jury soon in Lowe’s parking lot death; $25M suit filed Source link Grand jury soon in Lowe’s parking lot death; $25M suit filed

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