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GrantWatch website connects people with database of grant opportunities – Kansas City, Missouri

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Overland Park, Kansas — A former Special Assistance Resource Teacher who first applied for a grant to install a computer in a classroom is now helping people, small businesses, and nonprofits across the country find their own grants. I will.

Libby Hikind was founded GrantWatch The Florida-based company has increased its activity over the past year as COVID-19 and the Social Justice Movement have changed lives across the country.

“We have opened the COVID / Coronavirus Grants category,” Hikind said. “There was a national social change movement, we opened it. [category]Then there was BIPOC, so I started it. We are trending with what is out there. We want to categorize grants as much as possible so that users can easily search and find the grants they need. “

Hikind says there are currently grants in the Kansas City area that are accepting applications in several categories, including youth sports, faith, HIV / AIDS, social welfare, and economic development.

Subscribers can access an online database of websites listing thousands of grants available in different categories for $ 18 a week, $ 45 a month, $ 90 a quarter, or $ 199 a year. GrantWatch employs people to search and carefully check each grant before posting it to the database to verify the legitimacy of the grant.

Hikind shared advice with people looking for a grant as part of the 41 Action News Rebound Rundown.

  • Start small. Do not apply for a 100-page grant first. Find and start an application that is easier to manage.
  • Include other users in your application. If you can only meet some of the grant requirements, consider applying with a second organization so that both can receive the money to meet the grant requirements.
  • Be creative. If your day care center needs a new computer, look for grants in multiple categories such as education, children, and technology.
  • Avoid fraud. Posted on Grant Watch website There are some warning signs of fraud such as an agency that asks you to pay it to receive a grant, or an agency that wants to give you a grant that you did not apply for.

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GrantWatch website connects people with database of grant opportunities Source link GrantWatch website connects people with database of grant opportunities

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