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Gray wolf pups will help Colorado Parks & Wildlife form reintroduction plan – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-11 14:08:08 –

Colorado Wildlife Authorities Witness Gray Wolf Puppies in Colorado – State for the first time in 80 years — We will not delay or delay the reintroduction of predators mandated by state voters.

“Measuring ballots requires the establishment of a self-sustaining population, and this population is not a population,” said Lebeckerell, a spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

November, voters Barely approved Measures to instruct Colorado Parks and Wildlife to reintroduce wolves in Colorado by the end of 2023. The agency has launched a public campaign to gather information and develop a reintroduction plan that includes a species management strategy and a program to refund livestock ranchers killed by wolves.

Phase 1 of the campaign — managed by the Keystone Policy Center and detailed in Colorado Parks and Wildlife Committee meeting Thursday in Trinidad — Includes more than 40 meetings in the coming months. The center is planning 13 face-to-face open houses on the reintroduction of wolves on the western slopes and 17 “geographical focus group” meetings in western Colorado. Ten small invitation-only meetings are planned for groups of 15 to 20 participants in the state. A state-wide online town hall meeting on wolves is also planned. The agency will soon announce the dates and specific locations of all these meetings.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Announced last week A 17-member “Technical Working Group” consisting of wildlife biologists and land managers throughout the Rocky Mountains, as well as Colorado agricultural representatives and elected leaders. The group meets privately. A 19-member stakeholder advisory group of conservation activists, ranchers, biologists, landowners, wildlife advocates, and elected leaders from every corner of Colorado has met publicly and developed by the Technical Working Group. We propose to consider the plan.

Last week, Colorado wildlife authorities reported seeing three wolf puppies with their parents in northwestern Colorado. The first wolves to wander in 2019 were witnessed in Colorado. ..

Governor Jared Polis on Wednesday Announcement of sightingsThe passage of the reintroduction bill states that “these puppies will have many potential companions as they grow up and start their own family.”

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioner did not mention wolves’ family sightings during the Trinidad meeting. There, I heard from the Keystone Policy Center about the plans for the public conference.

However, wildlife biologists carefully observe two wolves known as M2101 “John” and F1084 “Jane” who have naturally migrated to the state to see how they adapt to Colorado with their puppies. To do. Yes, the confirmation of breeding wolves is historic, Ferrel said this week, but it does not change the reintroduction plan.

“What it does is to our field staff to observe and collect additional data from these two naturally breeding wolves and how they live in our state. Is to give you the opportunity to record what you are navigating, “she said. “This will be added to conversations with other state and federal partners as we proceed with the process.”

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Gray wolf pups will help Colorado Parks & Wildlife form reintroduction plan Source link Gray wolf pups will help Colorado Parks & Wildlife form reintroduction plan

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