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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-16 10:30:09 –

Walkers Point’s Second Street is like a row of fashionable restaurants with a variety of restaurants such as Boo Boo sandwich shops, Morel and Stennies. Camino is a mix of old and new bar / restaurant scenes on Second Street.

Named after the 1960s Chevrolet El Camino, owner Casey Rataxac loved the idea of ​​the practicality and classic nature of the car. The menu may look like a classic bar food menu, but each item has its own flavorful twist.

As a neighbor, this wasn’t my first adventure to Camino. But instead of sunbathing with my dog ​​in the backyard on Monday afternoon, it was the first time I sat in a bar watching the magic of the kitchen happen. I knew I wanted to die for their cheeseburger, but I wanted to explore the menu the other way around. So, with the help of a friend behind the bar, Dani, Elijah, and Lindsay completed the menu and ordered enough food to enjoy the different flavors. Of course, when I went through three very different plates, they were great enough to combine me with some beers.

Getting a delicious cheeseburger in Milwaukee isn’t hard, but it stands out. Everything is buttery, melts exactly and has a sweetness not found in older frozen custard burger stands. Next, I chose Beetroot Ruben, which isn’t as appealing as the taste just by reading it from the page. This is a sandwich worth traveling, whether you’re a meat eater or not. There’s everything to taste like a classic sandwich, usually associated with Jewish deli, but no pastrami or corned beef. Who thought it? Finally, I ordered chicken wings and french fries and was able to taste them all. I’ve avoided wing flavors before, but one isn’t better than the other. It really tastes good for everyone. French fries are delicious, but I didn’t need them at this point in my diet at all. Good news. Everything went well and was reheated with the right kitchen appliances.

Listen, anyone can cook delicious food, but it’s hard to find an atmosphere that you want to come back every week. Camino is practical in the sense that it has a daily menu, the menu changes and you can see the chef cook in front of you. If you just want to get angry, there is an extensive drink menu. I was fortunate enough to spend time with the staff, but I was very fortunate because the owner, Casey, proudly showed me my young nephew.He admitted to love Shepherd ExpressAnd the feelings are definitely mutual.

Camino looks small and may be hidden behind the older, more famous Milwaukee facility, but it’s a must-see. If anything, it’s a gem hidden between drinking fountains, perfect when you need a little grease to absorb the liquor from the day you drank at Walkers Point.

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