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Great Danes die during pet delivery transport from Michigan to California – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-15 13:11:50 –

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-Bill and Christine Irvine were expecting a phone call from a pet transport driver to safely get their three beloved pets into the car and pull them up immediately.But What the caller said The couple was horrified.

The man on the phone said he was the father of a transport driver and called on behalf of his son. Not only was he unable to tell Irvins himself that the two Great Dane were dead, but that they had already been cremated.

Bill determines that he and his wife are stunned, two healthy 6-year-old dogs, Cookie and Penny are dead, and, if true, how they died because they died. Already cremated, he said he simply felt unrealistic that there was no way.

Ervins signed a VIP Pet Delivery contract from Topeka, Kansas last week to drive dogs and cats to Napa, California on the ground.

The dog was allowed to travel by a veterinarian, but shortly before the pet left, the owner of VIP Pet Delivery, a woman named Rachel, told Irvins that her family would not be able to drive them. Said pets due to problems with COVID-19.

She told the couple that their “best driver” could take their place, and he said he would drive two dogs and a cat alone, but he was capable of handling the job. I assured them that it was more than that.

According to Irvins, the driver appeared on Monday, June 7. He agreed to link the app to a location where couples could track their pets from their mobile phones.

When Ervins first checked the app, a driver with valuable cargo was heading west on the I-94. But shortly thereafter, they noticed that he turned off the tracking app.

Since he arrived in Texas, he may not have wanted the couple to know that he wouldn’t go straight to California.

Rachel is the person who text-messageed where the man was on Tuesday. Before that, the driver said he was just going to sleep in a transport vehicle with his cat and dog.

Bill and Kristen replied to the text asking why their pet was in Texas.

“She didn’t answer us,” Bill told KSHB.

On Wednesday, the couple received another text from Rachel. She said the drivers and their pets were heading to Phoenix, and California.

Then came the call from a man who said he was the driver’s father. And in a very realistic way, “I hate telling you this, but you have to tell you that your dog is dead. And by the way, they really stink. So we cremated them. “Remembered Bill.

Irvines suspected that the driver had left his pet in the van and suffered heat-related death.

Thankfully, their cat survived.

And as if the six-year-old Great Dane was said to have died suddenly, what the driver’s father said next was wrong and inappropriate at another level.

“He said,’Well, you know, they’re old, and they probably felt like you abandoned them, so maybe that’s the way they died,'” Bill said. “That was the whole answer.”

Detroit Dog Rescue Executive Director Christina Rinaldi said that when transporting animals in a cargo van, a separate ventilation system is needed to allow cold air and heat to reach the back of the van.

“I saw it many times during the summer, where you would find a dog with heat stroke,” Rinaldi said. “And it really affects all breeds, but yes, large breeds like pugs and American bulldogs can heat up faster, and smaller breeds have shorter noses.”

And Rinaldi said that when transporting, an animal can also see and feel the pain of another animal that can increase stress on its body.

It’s not just the temperature that stresses animals, so stop by often.

“I want to make sure that the dog is stopped every few hours to depressurize it,” Rinaldi said. “Research shows that anything is actually shown for more than 10 hours, and dogs begin to experience extreme stress and anxiety even when transported by ground.”

Bill said he had no regrets when the VIP Pet Delivery owner sent a text message to Ervins last night.

The owner said the dog was “old” and asked Irvins “what did you expect?”

What the company owner, transport driver, and his father probably didn’t realize was that the dog wasn’t cremated even though he presented Elvin with a cremation certificate.

Late Monday afternoon, Ervins learned that the California cremation company, which the driver and his dad instructed to cremate the dog, never did.

The staff were allegedly suspicious and did not want to cremate the dog without knowing if there was anything else behind the death.

“Driving yourself, that’s my only advice,” Bill said when asked by other pet owners what to say. “My level of trust and I am a very trustworthy person. My current level of trust is very human, so if you want to do it right, do it yourself.”

“Someone needs to be responsible for this, and above all, we just want to know what happened. I think it’s fair,” he said.

“Ironically, only those who know everything are not speaking out.”

This story was originally published by Kimberly Craig of WXYZ.

Great Danes die during pet delivery transport from Michigan to California Source link Great Danes die during pet delivery transport from Michigan to California

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