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Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa is historic and has haunted halls throughout the city, giving the person looking for the best paranormal experience.

Things hit at night in many unexpected places in town, from Cain’s Ballroom to the Gilcrease Museum. Just as there are many places where ghosts appear, there are also urban legends and ghosts rumored to be beyond Tulsa.

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Tulsa Spirit Tour Teri French knows one or two things about the ultimate paranormal experience, and she told 2 News Oklahoma about these urban legends and how they have become.

Philbrook Museum

The Philbrook Museum of Art has been the cultural and historic site of Tulsa since 1927.

Many visitors to the museum say that not only does the museum appear to have an ominous atmosphere, but the eyes of the statue are chasing the people around the room. Some even claim to have seen the statue’s head move.

But the French said that Philbrook’s hangouts were, at best, an urban legend.

“Anyone can look at the picture and feel their eyes chasing you,” the French explained. “That’s pretty natural. Actually, the last time I went, I loved taking me on tour, so the staff told me that I’d like to see ghosts.”

Philbrook may serve as the perfect background for a haunted house, but it’s all, like its art, open to interpretation.

Spotlight theater

A symbolic performing arts space dating back to the 1950s in Tulsa.

As of 2021, the Spotlight Theater is showing America’s longest series of theatrical works. Drunk and Orio started running every Saturday in 1953 and continues to this day.

Due to its long history, it is not surprising that there is a claim that it is haunted. What’s really interesting about these rumors is that they claim that the spirit is unwelcome.

It is believed that anyone entering the basement hears footsteps and scratches. Witnesses even said there were scratches to prove that something was lurking in the basement wall.

But this is another thing the French have said is just a rumor.

“We have never been called there. I was listening when I was writing the book,” said French. “I called them and talked to them. One of the people I talked to told me that he worked there over 60 years ago and the place was haunted. “

The French aren’t surprised by the existence of rumors, but there is always a story as people come and go.

Will Rogers High School

This Tulsa Public School building seems to be plagued by the spirit of a man in a white tie. Witnesses say he is often seen in auditoriums where he is on stage or hanging behind the scenes.

Legend has it that the white black tie man is the spirit of Dr. Karl Burnett. He was a band director who was believed to have died of a heart attack during a band concert in the auditorium in 1974.

Despite witnessing a white man, the French cannot somehow see if there are ghosts in school.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about ghosts. In fact, many schools are haunted,” explained French. “There is a lot of energy flowing in the school, so it’s only natural that you can feel it there.”

The French and her team aren’t called there, but it’s common for hospitals as well as places like schools to be filled with spirit. She believes that the amount of energy and emotion is the most attractive to places like them.

In fact, she said the school is a great place for poltergeists to come out and play.

No one knows what’s there, but the school building itself is important to Tulsa. It is registered as a National Register of Historic Places in Art Deco style and architecture.

The French are familiar with all these places, like haunted places and urban legends. But there are other places she wants to study, such as the American Legion building, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and the VFW.

She is also on the lookout for the Tulsa Fire Department next to the Orclone Cemetery. The French say that both places are filled with claims of activity, especially since mass grave surveys are being conducted nearby. Oak Lawn was Tulsa’s first graveyard, so it’s full of many secrets she wants to reveal.

These new discoveries and tips are why she changes her Tulsa Spirit Tour to include new or old places to keep the Tulsa people investing in local history.

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“I don’t know where to go in five or ten years, but I’ll keep doing that as long as people want.”

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