Green Country Residents Fight Concerns About Misdelivered Emails – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2020-10-18 22:32:03 –

Tulsa’s mother says the United States Postal Service has misdelivered packages, putting her health and livelihood at risk.

Multiple packages were ordered, shipped and delivered, but did not arrive at Val Pearson’s home.

“I’m nearing the end because I don’t know where else to look,” says Pearson.

She says the problem began when the mailslot in her apartment was destroyed in August.

Pearson and other tenants had to receive mail and parcels directly at the United States Postal Service’s location in Tulsa, southeast.

Approximately a week after the mailbox was destroyed, most residents were able to deliver their email as usual.

Unfortunately, Pearson continued to have problems delivering email.

“My email hasn’t been on track since it happened,” says Pearson.

Single-mother, college student Pearson has lost textbooks, debit cards, and even voter registration.

Problems also include missing test notices and having to receive medication directly.

“I have to take medicine every day and if I don’t have it, I may not be here,” Pearson says.

The mailbox next to her will receive more mail than she does.

She is relieved that her mail has been delivered by post office staff and says that her mailbox has nothing to show.

“I just want the luxury of doing everything like everyone else and delivering email to my home,” says Pearson.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service said, “The local postmaster is aware of your concerns and is committed to continually improving our services. Your patience to continue to resolve your concerns successfully. Thank you. “

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