Green New Deal to be reintroduced by Marquee and Ocasio Cortez

Senator Edward markey And representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez We plan to reintroduce the Green New Deal on Tuesday.

Last iteration of Joint resolutionIntroduced by two Democrats over two years ago, is a list of climate protection wishes for progressives and has become a key point of attack for conservatives. This week, progressives are expanding their proposal to a wider package of plans that are likely to test where the Democratic ideals are.

The original proposal set the goal of a country to play a “leading role” in helping the planet reach net zero emissions by 2050. To reach that high goal, the plan called for the United States to move away from fossil fuels. Create high-income green energy jobs.

However Resolution stopped In a cloture vote in the Senate, then Republican-controlled, before it could proceed.

Under parliamentary and presidential Democratic control, progressives on Monday will expand the “Green New Deal” stamp, focusing on proposals aimed at addressing pollution in low-income communities and cities where water supply is leading. Included suggestions for guessing.

Ocasio Cortez and Marquee are also planning to introduce a Civil Climate Corps Act on Tuesday in favor of President Joe Biden’s January executive order demanding plans to form a group by that name. The corps will exist “to mobilize the next generation of nature maintenance and resilience workers and maximize accessible training opportunities and the creation of good jobs,” the order read.

However, even if some of the Green New Deal agenda may be upheld, Capitol Hill faces major hurdles. Even if the bill is passed in the House of Representatives, where moderate Democrats have previously expressed opposition, it will require the help of 10 Republican senators to reach Mr Biden’s desk.

Green New Deal to be reintroduced by Marquee and Ocasio Cortez

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