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Bakersfield, California 2022-05-13 19:00:00 –

Eastern Khan is another major renewable energy project with a San Diego-based company’s $ 350 million plan to build a “green steel” plant that is at least partially powered by renewable energy. Attracted.

The Pacific Steel Group announced this month that it has signed a contract with Pennsylvania-based Danieli Corp. to build a state-of-the-art plant that reduces carbon dioxide in a carbon dioxide-intensive industry.

In early 2025, the company plans to start trial runs of equipment that it announced will employ about 400 people and will introduce 380,000 tons of steel to reinforce reinforcing bars and the like.

The news of the company’s investment promotes the county’s reputation as a location for large-scale renewable energy projects. Eastern Khan has proven to be particularly suitable for wind and solar power.

The Kern County Government has received an application for the project and has begun work on an environmental impact review. The draft has not been released.

Zack Scrivner, the region’s leading county supervisor, noted that the public part of the permit process had not yet begun and declined to comment on the prospects for the proposal.

He took this opportunity to welcome the company to Kern County, “the best place to bring new ideas to life in California.”

“Kern County is a leader in energy evolution in California. We have experience processing new types of technologies and applying the highest standards to environmental impact reporting,” Scrivner said in an email.

Pacific Steel refused to ask questions about the project, but in a news release on April 5, the plant will be able to connect directly to renewable energy sources “using the abundant renewable energy available in California.” Said that it would be.

The visual renderings provided as part of the release appear to show the spread of photovoltaic solar panels adjacent to the three sides of the industrial zone.

Eric Benson, Chairman and CEO of Pacific Steel, said the partnership with Danieli will produce “one of the cleanest, safest and most efficient steel mills in the world.”

The technology that Danieli has a contract with at Mojave is called the MIDA Hybrid Micromill. Scrap is melted using a process called Danieli Digimelter, which uses electricity to process steel.

In Mesa, Arizona, a plant using the same company’s related technology started construction last fall. Scheduled to open in 2023, Danieli will be the first factory in North America to be able to connect directly to renewable energy. Energy source.

Various techniques have been developed to produce steel using electricity instead of coal. Construction began in Colorado two months ago, according to industry news sites, to deploy 300 MW of solar panel equipment and process over 1 billion pounds of steel into 100-meter-long rail sections.

Green steel is steel that emits significantly less carbon than traditional steel plants. Although no such facility exists locally, the idea was raised earlier this year as a potential application of technology that is soon to be tested in Khan.

Auckland-based Rondo Energy plans to convert intermittent electricity to heat up to 2,200 degrees Celsius. The idea is to provide high heat to industrial processes that county officials have stated may include the processing of steel.

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