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Greenlink unable to run all routes due to lack of drivers – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-06-11 15:56:25 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) –Green link Recently, there has been a significant increase in funding to expand time. But they can’t do that without enough drivers.

Trolley traffic usually takes people from downtown Greenville to West Village.

“The parking lot can be a bit tight, so I’m definitely grateful,” said Asheton Reid, owner of Rocker Belles.

If you don’t have enough Greenlink drivers, the route hasn’t run yet. Business owners like Reed say it affects their sales.

“I’ve never seen a trolley and the number of people isn’t close to what it was before, so I saw a big difference,” she said.

“Usually when you come in April or when a West End attraction comes down to the village, you may see two other trolleys pop up, but the service hasn’t started yet,” Greenlink said. Said James Keel, director of public transport at.

Kiel says they are currently losing about 12 drivers.

“It’s no surprise that they can’t find a drive, as many people have a hard time finding an employer,” Reed said.

This is 25% of the drivers and half of the trolley staff.

“What really caused this was the increased funding to provide later service to riders and passengers,” Kiel said.

But even with those extra funds, they need people to drive the route.

“Therefore, we have the funds to run from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, similar to the Monday-Friday schedule. The hard part is not finding the driver.” Kiel says.

Wages range from $ 15 to $ 23 per hour, and Greenlink helps train people without a CDL license. Kiel understands how this affects businesses and people trying to get in and out of work.

“Essential transit is just as important, because if we can’t move those people when they need to go where they need to go, we will eventually collapse,” he said. Said.

Greenlink unable to run all routes due to lack of drivers Source link Greenlink unable to run all routes due to lack of drivers

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