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Greenville Co. DEU conducts multiple investigations, makes 2 arrests – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-09-10 12:23:08 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Drug Enforcement Department, which has multiple jurisdictions in Greenville County, conducted three investigations and resulted in multiple arrests.

The DEU arrested 31-year-old Adreanna Kenyetta Cruell after investigating the shipment of cocaine from California to Greenville.

They received hints about luggage arriving at a house on Montant Street in Greenville and secured a search warrant, DEU said.

After confirming that the package had been delivered, the DEU and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant and searched for the property.

Cruella was later arrested by an investigator for trafficking in cocaine.

In another investigation, DEU Investigators arrested Margie Darnell Searcy, 41, for a second heroin breach, a third methamphetamine breach, and PWID heroin trafficking.

According to the DEU, Sircy had previously sold heroin to undercover agents on September 9, and discovered her drug after arresting her.

When booking Sircy at the Greenville County Detention Center, they found multiple narcotics, including a mixture of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and various tables believed to be ecstasy pressed.

At the time of this arrest, Sircy was detained from a previous investigation with the DEU.

In the third DEU survey, DEU intercepted packages containing marijuana, THC edible candies, and THC arc kits.

According to DEU, the sender and receiver are unknown at this time.

Bart McEntire, commander of the DEU, expressed concern about the contents of the package.

“This shipment of THC edibles was an item that could appeal to children and adolescents. The package included items similar to juicy fruit gum, nerds, and even candy-coated chocolate peanuts. This is a concern because the item markings are almost indistinguishable from safe candies and THC’s edible substances contain fortified drug substances. “

Commander Bert McEntire

The DEU is also concerned about the continued mass shipment of THC from California to Greenville.

The amount of potency from THC varies from shipment to shipment and is sold to those who wish to purchase by booking from the dealer.

Greenville Co. DEU conducts multiple investigations, makes 2 arrests Source link Greenville Co. DEU conducts multiple investigations, makes 2 arrests

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