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Greenville Co. Republican Party overturns Dist. 17 primary – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Greenville County Republican Party voted to overturn the primary results after long-time county council member Joe Dill protested the primary results.

Almost two weeks ago, 2012 Greenville County Councilor Jordir lost to candidate Joe Ilsso. As a result, it became clear that he lost over 100 votes in the Republican primary in District 17.

Since the announcement of those results, Dill has protested his concerns, alleging that there was voter injustice.

“I think there was a problem with the people who voted. I think they didn’t understand the process, the machine, the operation. They have to check that the people they voted for ended up in the final count. There are several places, “Dill said.

On Thursday, the Greenville County Republican Party held a special meeting to allow Dill to present evidence of those claims. He doesn’t share evidence with 7NEWS, but thinks election day votes aren’t counting properly.

“It doesn’t matter if it was in my race or for the guy running against me. Not all votes were counted. With enough phone calls and evidence, I could believe this. “Dill said. “You need to count all the votes.”

The county party voted to support his claim and overturned the election.

“With more votes, people would often say they wanted to go in the opposite direction of the developers,” Dill said. “But that’s not what I saw. I saw a few votes and it wasn’t enough to convince me that my direction was wrong.”

On Friday, opposition candidate and election winner Joey Russo filed his complaint with the Parties, asking them to support the results.

“The county party voted to support his (Jordir’s) major protest,” said Claire Brady, South Carolina Republican Communications Director.

Russo’s lawyer, Sloan Ellis, issued a statement on behalf of Friday.

“Last night’s hearing was a systematic attempt to overturn the clear will of the Republican primary in District 17. Among many other reasons, Joey responded to Mr. Dill’s legally mandated protest. The Commission’s decision is invalid and unbearable because it was not responded .. We have already appealed this ruling to the South Carolina Republican Executive Committee, proving the original results and Joey Russo being the winner. I asked them to declare that they were.

Joey is looking forward to the general election and will eventually represent the citizens of District 17 in the county council. “

Meanwhile, the South Carolina Republican Party said the results were not final.

“There’s a next step. It’s not final yet. They voted to do so, but that doesn’t mean it’s still happening,” Brady said.

Next, the appeal is displayed at the state level.

“By law, we plan to have an appeal hearing by noon next Saturday,” Brady said. “The state executive committee finds the best time for everyone to return to Colombia, and the committee votes.”

According to the South Carolina Republicans, each candidate has another opportunity to present their argument. The executive committee asks questions, deliberates and makes a final vote. The decision is said to be final unless the candidate chooses to bring it further into the judicial system.

Conway Verangia, election director for Greenville County, did not comment on Dill’s allegations of voter fraud. He said he was likely to be called as a witness as part of the legal process.

Greenville Co. Republican Party overturns Dist. 17 primary Source link Greenville Co. Republican Party overturns Dist. 17 primary

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