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Greenville County offering rental assistance to those impacted by the pandemic – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – New report from SC housing It shows that thousands of people living in rental housing need help in Green Building. The county is waiting to be distributed to lessors in need of assistance of approximately $ 14 million. If you are affected by a pandemic, it is a good idea to check if you are eligible.

Brian Grady is Chief Research Officer of SC Housing. He and his team have announced new ratings to raise awareness, he said.

“It’s designed to start conversations in different ways to get people to see these issues at the community level and say,’Are we doing what we need to do?’ .. “Do we make housing accessible to people of all types of income levels?” Grady said.

He said that in many respects the most important audience is the local government.

“It’s because they decide the zoning rules,” Grady explained. “They are people talking about land use policy. They are the ones who make decisions about how many homes they can build, where they can be built, and what they look like. is.”

Currently, Greenville County offers it through them Emergency rental support program..

Bob Miharic, government affairs coordinator in Greenville County, said it was a federal program.

“But we are responsible for over $ 15 million in emergency rental and utility support money,” Miharic said.

He said the county is currently in the process of accepting applications.

“And the goal is to prevent anyone from losing their home, being evacuated, or evacuating during a pandemic,” Miharic said.

To qualify, you must earn less than 80% of your median local income. For a single person living in Greenville, that’s about $ 42,000, and for a family of four, that’s about $ 60,000.

But there are other criteria.

“And the most important criterion is that it’s covid-related,” Mihalic explained. “And it has to be a covid-related financial challenge. It could be due to unemployment and it could be due to underemployment.”

You also need to be at risk of facing evictions and losing shelter.

“Support is based on need,” said Miharic. “There is a rating of the application to make a decision, which can go back as much as 8-10 months.”

However, we can also help you with rent up to 3 months in advance.

“So we have a lot of money to give,” Miharic said. “The federal government wants to spread this to the community. I want to make it public to the community, but I need to apply.”

In addition to rental assistance, the county also has funding to distribute for utility assistance such as gas, electricity and water.

If you need the help of a lessee and want to apply click here..

Greenville County offering rental assistance to those impacted by the pandemic Source link Greenville County offering rental assistance to those impacted by the pandemic

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