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Greenville County teachers get pay raise, plus increase in base pay – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-06-16 16:09:16 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The state budgeting process is on track and includes the support of teachers throughout the state. Thanks to both state and county budgets, teachers at Greenville County Schools will earn higher salaries than ever before.

Twins Noah and Chase go to school in Greenville County and say they love their teachers.

“She’s really nice, we have a treasure chest and she’s handing out candies.”

Their mom says the new salary increase is great for educators.

“Teachers deserve any salary increases they can get. I’ve been diving since February last year and the amount of work they’ve done is amazing,” said Gina Laneo. Said.

The Greenville County School District has retroactively raised 2% to all employees over the past year.

“When the pandemic happened, the state budget and everything was almost frozen out of concerns about what COVID-19 would do to local tax revenues,” said district spokesman Tim Waller.

This adds to the additional 2% increase this year.

“Therefore, the new fiscal year will also bring a second 2% increase to GCS employees,” Waller said.

In addition, the school board voted on Tuesday night to accept more money for teachers through the state budget.

“They will receive a $ 1000 increase in base salary,” Waller said.

This will raise the starting salary from just over $ 41,500 a year to just over $ 42,000.

“This is a great incentive for them to stay in their profession. Continue to influence people’s lives and reward all their efforts,” Waller said.

Retaining teachers is a big issue, according to the district.

“Teacher retention is a big issue not just for Greenville County, but for the entire state,” Waller said.

We hope that these new incentives will help.

“Many people were discouraged and quit education for a variety of reasons in search of new careers and new opportunities,” Waller said.

And those who have children in schools in Greenville County agree.

“They need it, the amount they spend from their own pockets is ridiculous to me,” Raneo said.

The district hired about 450 new teachers last year and aims to hire another about 150 this year.

Greenville County teachers get pay raise, plus increase in base pay Source link Greenville County teachers get pay raise, plus increase in base pay

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