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Greenwood schools face vandalism from TikTok challenge – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-09-22 17:15:55 –

Greenwood, South Carolina (WSPA) – A new TikTok challenge called “Devious Liquids” has spread throughout Upstate schools and has caused a lot of damage.

Devious Likes, also known as the “Bathroom Challenge,” tends for students to fight boldly against each other to destroy school bathrooms and steal school property.

The latest incident occurred in Greenwood District 50. Officials said the soap dispenser was stripped from the wall and thrown into the bathroom. This poses a potential temporary health hazard to students using the toilet.

so Tweet On Tuesday, Natalie Talbert, a 50 Greenwood District Safety Officer, begged parents to help the school stop this trend by monitoring children’s social media accounts.

Police officer Steve Glenn said that if the student who caused the damage was arrested, he could be suspended and his parents could be forced to pay compensation.

“Our youth need to understand that this is a reality and there are consequences to be dealt with. It’s not just fun and games. Just press the reset button and everything disappears as you can on Nintendo and PlayStation. You may think, but that doesn’t happen, “Glen said.

TikTok is working to remove all videos related to this challenge from the platform.

Greenwood schools face vandalism from TikTok challenge Source link Greenwood schools face vandalism from TikTok challenge

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