Greenwood Village developer John W. Madden Jr. puts his hidden penthouse on market for $6.75 million – The Denver Post – Denver, Colorado

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John W. Madden Jr. says the 5700 S. Quebec Street office building is already under construction and has decided to add a residential penthouse on top of it.

Blame the deer.

One day late in the late 1970s, the founder of development firm John Madden Co. made a fortune on his way back to his location in Perry Park, Douglas County. Suddenly, a short commute sounded attractive.

“I called my wife who was with some National Association of Realtors members, and I tell the National Association of Realtors members that we will put a penthouse on top of the 5700 building, and that’s me. We’re going to live (abuse), “Madden, now 93.

There are other penthouse units around Denver. The two downtown Four Seasons have recently sold for $ 16 million and $ 10.75 million, respectively.

But according to Phil Ruschmeyer, who co-lists a 5,512-square-foot for-sale unit, Madden’s seems to be the only local one on top of an office building. It has two bedrooms and four bathrooms and went on the market last week for $ 6.75 million.

Sure, it may not be as expensive as other penthouses. The Quebec Street building has three floors of office space and Madden’s residence on the fourth floor. However, it is high enough to ride on trees and has an unobstructed view of the entire front range.

The residence has a private elevator, away from the rest of the building. It opens towards the roof and is a deck that spans tens of thousands of square feet, despite being dotted with mechanical equipment. Madden has artificial turf on some of it, and many potted plants are exposed to a lot of sun.

Does the average worker in a building even know that a penthouse is there?

“I say no,” said Ruschmeyer of Ruschmeyer Corp.

Compass courtesy

5700S. An aerial view of Madden’s Penthouse at the top of Quebec Street.

Compass’s Pamela Helm, Libby Weaver, and Patti Helm sell residential units. Ruskmeyer, who previously sold the top floor of Daniels & Fisher Towers in downtown Denver, is co-listing the property in case buyers want to convert it to an office.

Madden’s father worked in insurance, and his mother toured the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, helping his son instill a lifelong love of art. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and told Business Den in an interview on Friday that he decided to enter real estate after planning to attend law school.

Madden said he moved to Colorado in the late 1960s. He has also developed in other markets, including San Jose and Detroit, but many of his company’s projects can be found at the Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center. He estimated that he had developed 20 projects locally, including the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater and the 5700 S. Quebec Street building. Here, in addition to the penthouse, he still owns office space.

According to Madden, his favorite local project is the 6312S office building, named after the marble-quarried Italian region. Tuscany Plaza in the Fiddler’s Circle.

“I was fortunate to find a quarry owner and dealer and instilled in him the devoted pride I had in making this one of his best buildings,” Madden said. I did.

Greenwood Village developer John W. Madden Jr. puts his hidden penthouse on market for $6.75 million – The Denver Post Source link Greenwood Village developer John W. Madden Jr. puts his hidden penthouse on market for $6.75 million – The Denver Post

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