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Greer leaders discuss possible end to curbside recycling pick-up, citing cost – Valley Stream, New York

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Greer, South Carolina (WSPA) – Several changes are imminent for Greer residents when it comes to recycling methods.

Greer city leaders said changes were needed to make up for the existing shortage of the Sanitation Fund.

She said that recycling on the streets of Janny Shii is pretty typical.

“Looking at the cans on Recycling Day, I think the majority of our neighbors are recycling,” said Shii, a resident of Glia.

For years, the truck has been up and down her way to pick up recycled items.

But it can quickly become a thing of the past.

“We have a contracting body to pick up trash and have lived in the city of Glia for years,” explained city manager Andrew Merriman. “In the meantime, recycling was rational, but the global market has changed.”

Meriman said curb recycling is no longer cost-effective. He told us this was due to the dramatic rise in prices for disposal of recycled materials over the past few years.

All of this has hit the city’s sanitation fund.

“In the last two years, we had to subsidize the Solid Waste Fund from a general fund somewhere near $ 460,000. It came from a general property tax business, It’s inherently unfair because the inhabitants are paying, “Meriman said.

To improve it all, the residents of Glia would have to unload their recyclables-it said Merriman would help taxpayers in the long run.

The 2022 budget also proposes an annual increase in hygiene services of $ 20 to make up for the shortfall.

“I would be very disappointed,” Shii said.

Residents like Janie Seay don’t mind the additional $ 20 a year, but she believes that stopping collection at the curbside can prevent people from recycling together.

“Where do you store it?” Shii asked. “Every time we pick them up, the cans fill up. And how do we get there?”

On the other hand, the city of Glia is optimistic. They want it to bring high quality recyclables to their drop-off facilities.

All this requires a second reading with the GreerCity Council. If all pass, it will be effective from August 1st.

When it comes to changing curbside recycled pickups, Greer isn’t the only city upstate. Simpsonville did the same last year because of similar concerns.

Greer city leaders also said they are investing in the city’s recycling facilities to make them more attractive and easier to drop off.

Greer leaders discuss possible end to curbside recycling pick-up, citing cost Source link Greer leaders discuss possible end to curbside recycling pick-up, citing cost

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