Greg Abbott withdrew from NRA appearance in anger at the event | NRA

In a dispute over the National Rifle Association, which is hosting a convention in Houston three days after 19 children and two adults were shot dead at a school in Yuvarde. Texas I stopped talking directly at the event.

Greg Abbott still spoke to NRA through pre-recorded video while visiting Yuvalde and holding a press conference there.

He states: “We will bind the wounds of the Uvarde people and regain the brilliance of the community known for its warmth, friendship and values.”

However, he also pointed out that the gun lobby refused to seek reform of the gun, saying: Innocent people in a peaceful community. “

In Houston, angry protests took place outside the convention venue. One protester told the Guardian: [shootings] Should it happen? All I want is reasonable gun control. “

Republican Abbott stirred Disputation His own by attending a political fundraising on Tuesday when the shooting took place. Later, his staff said he would stop all his political activities.

In a dramatic scene on Wednesday, the governor and others briefing about Yuvarde confronted Beto O’Rourke. Governor’s Democratic candidate, gun control activist, Told Abbott: “This is up to you.”

Oruk spoke with protesters in Houston on Friday. He said he had met the victims’ families in Yuvarde and would never forget their names.

“We stopped Yuvalde shortly after Sandy Hook,” said Oroke, referring to the killings of 20 children and 6 adults in Connecticut in 2012.

“We stopped Yuvalde shortly after Parkland.”

In 2018, 17 people died in the shooting at a high school in Florida.

“We stopped Yuvalde shortly after Santa Fe High School.”

Three months after Parkland, 10 people died in Texas.

Oruk said: NRA Conventions across the street, you are not our enemy. Please join us so that this will never happen again. “

Beto O’Rourke will speak at Discovery Green near the NRA Convention. Photo: Daniel Kramer / Reuters

Abbott wasn’t alone in rethinking the look of his tournament. His deputy governor, Dan Patrick, withdrew, saying, “I don’t want to bring more pain and sorrow to my family and all those suffering in Yuvarde.” Other prominent Republicans withdrawing included Senator Dan Crenshaw and Senator John Cornyn.Conin Involvement In negotiations over a gun law revision in Washington, a spokesperson said his withdrawal was for personal reasons.

Prominent Republicans still planning to speak included former President Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.Senator Texas, a major recipient of the gun group DonationHas been attracting attention since shooting, Get angry and clash With a reporter who asked about gun control.

Uvalde shooting has been for a long time in America, and Costly failure Pass meaningful gun control. Joe Biden, who strongly condemned his lack of action, will visit Yuvalde on Sunday.

The White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday that the NRA “contributes to the problem of gun violence and is not trying to solve it.”

The Yuvarde shooter was 18 years old. After legally buying two assault rifles and a large amount of ammunition, he shot his grandmother before going to school. His grandmother survived.

In Houston, hundreds of people gathered across the George R Brown Convention Center at noon on Friday.

Groups, including the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and local Democrats have handed out signs and water and set up booths to register voters. More people gathered in the park and shouted “I’m not another” and “Please vote”. One group held a wooden cross for each victim of Yuvalde, moved a child-sized casket, and shouted, “Protect the children, not the guns.”

Among the people who gathered was Nancy Harris (73), who had a list of 12 names. All the people she knew died in gun violence. Her daughter’s name was in it.

“I drove here from Fort Worth and told these dislikes to stop,” Harris said, her voice stopped.

She said she didn’t know NRA was in Houston until after a five-hour drive west of the Mexican border in Yuvarde. She stayed for two nights, she said, she heard people say Americans need to do something, and she wondered what she could do. She laughed when she was asked why she drove to Houston for four hours to protest.

“How many of these are you going to report?” She said. “How many more times do I need to happen? … All I want is reasonable gun control. Reasonable background checks and elimination of military-style weapons.”

Protesters outside the NRA Convention.
Protesters outside the NRA Convention. Photo: Charlie Scudder for Guardians / Protesters outside the NRA Convention.

The rally has begun. Liz Hanks performed a mama demand action in Texas, leading the chanting of “shame” for the NRA tournament across the street.

“We are embarrassed all over the world because we can’t protect our children at school,” Hanks said. “We know how to fix this. Look back and let them know your feelings.”

Above me, there was a banner on the plane called “NRA GO AWAY”.

David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland shootout, encouraged people to call their representatives in Congress.

“I believe this time it could be different and it would be different,” he said. “NRA is the weakest point in American history to date.”

Opening the procession of convention speakers, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said:We are together [Uvalde] And all over America is praying. “

But the tournament, especially the presence of Trump and Cruz, continued to stir up the already burning passion.

Greg Abbott withdrew from NRA appearance in anger at the event | NRA

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