Greg Gonzalez announces run for Douglas Co. Sheriff – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-09-22 06:23:18 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Omaha Deputy Police Chief Greg Gonzalez has announced that he will run for Douglas County Sheriff in next year’s elections.

As a sheriff, he said his goal was to reduce crime, improve the recruitment and retention of highly trained agents, and provide quality services to protect families.

Democrat Gonzales will face fellow Democrat Douglas County Sheriff Wayne Hudson at the Primary in May next year. Omaha Police Sergeant Aaron Hanson is the only Republican in the race.

See the announcement below for more information.

“Citing a record of 28 years of law enforcement career and community involvement, Omaha Deputy Police Chief Greg Gonzalez today announced that he will run for Douglas County Sheriff in the 2022 elections. His goal as a sheriff is to reduce crime and improve recruitment and maintenance. Quality service that protects highly trained agents and families and is proud of our county. To provide.

Gonzales plans to increase community involvement and involvement from neighborhood and stakeholder groups with the aim of increasing efficiency. Originally from Omaha, Gonzales began his career at the Sheriff’s Office, where he worked in uniformed patrols and at the Federal Drug Countermeasures Headquarters. He moved to the Omaha Police Station in 1995 and has worked in prominent units such as masked drugs, murder and gang units. He has risen in rank and is the longest-serving deputy chief of OPD.

Gonzalez is part of several local nonprofits, including Mentor Nebraska and Police Athletics for Community Engagement (PACE). PACE sponsors a free sports program to promote youth self-esteem, discipline and positive values. The program currently serves more than 6,000 local youth from 38 local zip codes. “We understand that reducing sustainable crime requires working with community groups and members to build trust and relationships,” Gonzales said.

Deputy Secretary Gonzales has secured millions of dollars in private funding and is providing grants to implement safety measures for officers and Omahan. He sees similar opportunities to strengthen sheriff offices and counties.

“We need to continue to protect our people and provide the high standards of service that taxpayers expect,” Gonzales said. “I’m ready to serve in this office. I oversaw the hiring of 400 police recruits and a budget of $ 56 million. I have a professional law enforcement agency effective and efficient. I know how to take the lead and provide. ”

In his mission as Deputy Secretary, Gonzales led the Unified Patrol Department, which oversees more than 450 police officers, and the Executive Services Department, which oversees training and recruitment. He was instrumental in equipping Omaha police officers with the cameras they wore in 2018. Gonzales said there was a misnomer that sheriffs’ agents were limited to servicing rural areas of Douglas County. In fact, this office plays an important role throughout the county, including the security of downtown courts and municipal offices. Provide an arrest warrant. Address major criminal activities such as sexual trafficking.

“Criminals don’t know jurisdiction. Sheriffs serve the entire county,” he said.

Gonzales is seeking a Democratic nomination at the Primary on May 10. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in public administration. He is a graduate of FBI National Academy. He returned to his alma mater, the University of Nebraska Omaha, as an adjunct professor of criminology.

Among his many service awards, Gonzales received the Kelly Orosco Award from his peers. Received Martin Luther King Jr. “Living the Dream Award” from Omaha City and UNO’s CPACS (College of Public Affairs and Community Services) Alumni Award. A member of the Omaha South High Hall of Fame. He has won this month’s Sergeant and Captain’s Award and this year’s High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Case Award.

Gonzales and his wife, Cathy Belcastro Gonzales, have three children. Kathy is the captain of the Omaha Police Station and oversees the Southeastern Police Station. “

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Greg Gonzalez announces run for Douglas Co. Sheriff Source link Greg Gonzalez announces run for Douglas Co. Sheriff

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