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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-08-05 07:55:29 –

Gretna, Nevada (KMTV) — Within two years, a vast land that was formerly a 150-acre farm will become a water park, sportsfield, dog park, disc golf course, walking space, and amphitheater.

Paula Denison, administrator of the city of Gretna, said:

The $ 53 million park is funded by a half-cent sales tax increase voter approved last year.

Mayor Mike Evans says it’s also important to give residents something to do as the city builds more housing and infrastructure.

“We also needed to open up spaces, open spaces for quality of life,” Evans said.

The city’s population is technically about 5,000, but due to the recent annexation, the actual population is believed to be higher. The park is being built for a big city that is expected to grow further in the coming decades.

“They didn’t want to plan what our city would look like in five or ten years, because they have shots for us to do great things for the next 50 years. I saw it, “Denison said.

The city is not moving forward on its own. They worked with the local YMCA to run a recreation and aquarium center, and a Gretna public school where students use the pool for practice.

“Instead of swimmers driving to Omaha for the pool at 4am, they will have something local,” Evans said.

Finally, it is conveniently located just 1.6 km (1 mile) from the popular Nebraska Crossing Shopping Center. City leaders want outsiders to be depressed again.

“One of the reasons Gretna grew up was between Lincoln and Omaha. There are so many tourists that I think a lot of people will come here and complement each other,” Evans said. I did.

“Someone came shopping and they heard about the park and they’re just up the road. Maybe I’ll spend another day or two,” Denison said.

Part of the park was completed before, but the park will not open completely until everything is complete.

It will take place in the summer of 2023.

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