“Grey’s Anatomy’s Kelly McCreary gives birth to a daughter: Photo-Hollywood Life

Kelly McCreary gave birth to her husband Pete Chatmon and her daughter Indigo Len on October 3rd!

Congratulations Kelly McCreary!! 40 years old Grey’s Anatomy The star gave birth to her first child — daughter indigo — With my husband Ren Chatmon, She confirmed Man magazine. Kelly revealed that she gave birth “a few weeks” early at each outlet and had a baby in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, October 3, more than two months ago.

“We were planning to give birth in a nice and intimate home, but my water bag broke a few weeks earlier, so I ended up giving birth in the hospital,” she explains. bottom. “Like many birthers, the only thing we followed our birth plan was that we had a baby! I was relieved that we both got over it safely. Indigo was to finish cooking. I had to spend some time in the NICU, but fortunately there were no other complications. She is at home and healthy! “She also said.

Kelly McClary is found at ABC’s Winter TCA. (Cathy Hutchins / Shutterstock)

Kelly, who married Pete in 2019, revealed that she hopes to be back in August after sharing her pregnancy test photos. However, preterm birth was not included in the plan. actress In her interview, she said, “I’m stressed.”

“It was as stressful as having Indigo in the NICU, but it also meant that there was a lot of parenting support in the early days,” said the actress. Dr. Maggie Pierce, Meredith Gray’s half-sister Share in the series. “Thanks to Cedars Sinai’s amazing medical professionals, I was able to become a parent with a little more sleep and knowledge than any other method,” she explained.

The experience was a “roller coaster”, but Kelly was grateful that everything went well. She said she was “thankful” to her family and friends. “Emotionally, it was a roller coaster, of course. Mostly overpriced, but there are also many moments of self-doubt, anxiety and guilt,” she added. “I am grateful to my incredibly supportive family and community, and I am very fortunate to have some close friends who are new moms and share this trip with me. Indigo Wellness. And because we want to model mindfulness, we want to integrate these practices into our schedule as much as possible. This is good for both of us. “

“Grey’s Anatomy’s Kelly McCreary gives birth to a daughter: Photo-Hollywood Life

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