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George Floyd’s death anniversary, in the words of President Joe Biden, is considered a milestone in commemorating the passage of a bill to “eradicate institutional racism” in the criminal justice system. Was there.

Washington (AP) — they mourned together and laughed together in the Oval Office — and talked about what President Joe Biden called “the harsh reality that racism has torn us for a long time” Did.

The first anniversary of George Floyd’s death was considered a milestone in Washington, a time to mark the passage of police law to make the criminal justice system more justice. Instead, Floyd’s family met with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House on Tuesday to commemorate their loss and continued to promote legislation.

“It was a memory of what happened to my brother,” Philonise Floyd spoke of his meeting with Biden, calling the president a “real man.”

Biden told them, “He wants the bill to be meaningful and to preserve George’s legacy.” George Floyd’s nephew Brandon Williams said. According to Williams, Biden expressed “real concern” about family behavior.

Biden spent some time playing with George Floyd’s young daughter Janna during the meeting. He later stood in front of the camera outside the White House and softly shouted, “Tell him his name.” In return, the family chanted “George Floyd.”

Sister Bridget Floyd was away, aiming to come to Washington only if he needed to sign the bill.

“That’s when I go to DC,” she said from Minnesota.

She and a few other families join Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and others to celebrate the anniversary in the city where George Floyd died, with other events in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities in the United States and abroad. It was held in.

The proposed police law, George Floyd Justice, is still pending at Capitol Hill, where his family begins their day with legislators, urging parliamentary negotiators later from the White House. I’m back.

They met with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and California State Legislature Karen Bass on Tuesday morning. Floyd was prepared for a separate meeting between New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker and South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Philonise Floyd had previously spoken to the Capitol with Pelosi and other lawmakers, proclaiming his brother: “Today is the day he infuriated the world.”

“We need to work together to keep people from living in fear in America,” he said.

Floyd died on May 25, 2020, after kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes while Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin arrested him. His death sparked months of national racial protests, a global reputation for racism, and a new debate over police reform. Chauvin was convicted on multiple charges last month.

The legislative response was elusive. Still, Democratic and Republican negotiators are optimistic, showing steady solidarity, which is unusual in such discussions, and never publicly sniping each other.

“We hope to bring comfort to your family by passing the final bill soon,” Pelosi told his family.

This is a high-profile legislative struggle, with Biden sitting particularly in the backseat and expressing enthusiastic support for both public and private support for infrastructure bills and COVID, as opposed to Capitol Hill lawmakers. I liked to let him do the work of making compromises. -19 Relief package.

“We have respected the space that negotiators need to hold these discussions,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday.

She and Congressional negotiators refused to offer a new deadline for reaching an agreement. Mr. Bass, the top Democratic negotiator, said negotiations would continue “until we get the job done.” Scott, a major Republican negotiator in the Senate, individually stated that the negotiations “have a long way to go, but are beginning to take shape.”

In March, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives approved a drastic bill that would make it easier for individual police officers to be prosecuted and charged with crime. It also bans strangler figs, limits knock ban warrants, and creates a national database of officers with a history of complaints and disciplinary issues.

The bill didn’t go anywhere in the Senate. There, 50 Democrats need help from at least 10 Republicans to overcome the filibuster killing the bill.

Republicans preferred more modest changes.

Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump said Biden told them:

“So he will be patient to make sure the claim is correct, rather than rushing to claim it,” Crump said.

White House advisers say Biden and his team are in frequent contact with Capitol Hill negotiators about the bill, which is more harmful than profits to the president’s attention-grabbing public campaign. They believe it is a possible problem.

However, some activists say they want the president to speak more openly in support of the bill.

“President Biden left it to MPs, and it’s in their hands now, but he needs to step up to make sure we can cross the finish line,” said the man. Judith Brown Dianis, Executive Director of the Advancement Project, a seed judiciary, said.

Still, it’s up to Congress, Wade Henderson, interim chairman and chief executive officer of the Citizens and Human Rights Leadership Council, said in a statement to AP.

“It is imperative that parliamentarians set aside partisan politics and pass meaningful reforms to hold police officers who act outside their oaths for protection and defense,” he said. Said.

The main obstacle is “qualified immunity”, which generally protects individual police officers from civil proceedings. The Democrats wanted to get rid of that protection, but Republican Senate negotiator Scott proposed to keep the officers exempt, but allowed the proceedings against the police station.

Progressivists and many supporters of criminal judicial reform claim that the bill eliminates the protection of individual officers, but some Democrats, especially House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Illinois, South Carolina. The state’s Senate Democratic Party, Whipdick Durbin, said he could find a compromise on this issue. Kentucky Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said he did not support the bill ending the limited immunity.

While the president was waiting for the bill to hit his desk, Biden’s aides said the government was doing what it could to deal with police illegal cases.

The Biden administration has signaled that four years after the turmoil under President Donald Trump, the Justice Ministry will shift its focus to prioritizing civil rights and police reform. In the past few weeks, the department has released a thorough investigation into police in Minneapolis and Louisville, bringing federal civil rights charges against police officers involved in Floyd’s death, including Chauvin.

On Tuesday, when Floyd’s family was preparing to meet Biden, the Senate voted to identify Kristen Clarke as Deputy Prosecutor for Civil Rights.

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