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Lexington, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Chanel Allen has recently found it even more difficult to visit his son’s graveyard.

“You can go to other graveyards, and it’s wonderful and beautiful,” she said on Monday from Lexington’s Cove Haven Cemetery.

Chanel says the herbs have been cut by the maintenance crew and the tombstones have been knocked down and left untouched. And the wind chime she left on her son’s tombstone was removed.

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“It represented me and my four children, my boyfriend and my granddaughter,” she said of the wind chimes. She said the disappearance was terribly upset.

Chanel said she was having a hard time getting answers from graveyard staff and only talked to someone if they happened to be on the premises during her visit. LEX 18 also called the graveyard, but as a result, the number was no longer available.


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Allen’s son, Markel, was shot dead in Lexington in February. She brought him here because her grandfather, who died a month ago, was buried nearby. She already regrets the decision.

“I want you to make a better choice and put your son somewhere else instead of here,” she said.


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A walk through the grounds here reveals the issues Chanel emphasized. Some tombstones have been turned inside out, and some have solid grass shavings on the front, blocking the sculpture. And those herbs are scattered in many areas.

“We’re already hurt because we have to come here, and then it’s even more painful to see them destroying our decorations,” she said.


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Chanel and her boyfriend are currently taking care of the area around Markel’s graveyard. They mow the lawn and clean it up as needed.

“It’s very rude to everyone,” she said of her lack of consideration for what she believes to be the most sacred place.

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