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The mother seeks justice about 30 years after her son was shot dead by Prince George’s County police, but state prosecutors say it may not be possible for the family to want because of insufficient evidence. Stated.

In 1993, 24-year-old Archie Elliott III was suspended on suspicion of drunk driving. He was only wearing shorts when he was searched, handcuffed behind his back, and put on a police car. After a while, the police said they pointed their guns and fired almost 20 times.

An unloaded pistol was found in a police car.

Elliott died handcuffed.

“The police who killed my son fled for murder,” said Dorothy Elliott.

The grand jury found that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the policeman who shot his son.

She has now joined the activist in a coalition named in honor of her son, asking Prince George’s County lawyer Aisha Braveboy to review the case.

“Our coalition requires the police who killed my son to be fired and charged with murder,” Elliott said.

Jason Abbott, the state’s chief deputy lawyer, said the Braveboy administration had reached the same conclusions as her previous state lawyer.

“We conducted our own independent review, and at the end of that independent independent review, we came to the same conclusion that the previous administration did. There is insufficient evidence to move forward. “He said.

“[Braveboy] Unable to ask witnesses of the murder, she even claimed that her office had lost the record of Archie Elliott’s murder. “

In a letter to state lawyers, the coalition quoted News 4’s report on Braveboy’s secret police officer list, which does not allow testimony due to credibility issues. Elliott knows the name of the policeman who shot his son and wonders if they are on that secret list. She wants to publish the list.

“State lawyers are the county’s highest law enforcement officers. Maryland’s Personnel Law prohibits the publication of the names of these individuals.”

A spokesperson for the state law firm said many of Elliott’s files were misplaced, but that didn’t happen during this administration. They said they investigated the best they could with what they had.

The coalition is planning a demonstration outside the courtroom on Monday.

In January 2020, handcuffed William Green was shot dead in a police car by Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Michael Owen. Owen has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial. He pleaded not guilty. The county has given Green’s family a $ 20 million settlement.

Group Demands Police Accountability in 1993 Killing of Archie Elliott III – NBC4 Washington Source link Group Demands Police Accountability in 1993 Killing of Archie Elliott III – NBC4 Washington

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