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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-15 15:18:19 –

The effects of climate change go beyond the ever-increasing fires and floods. It also has a psychological effect.

The Lancet Planetary Health Journal has found that the overwhelming majority of teens and young adults are sad, anxious and afraid of climate change. I don’t believe the government is doing enough to protect them.

Young people are not the only ones worried. The new non-profit organization Potential Energy Coalition has found that more than 60% of Americans are concerned about climate change, but only 14% talk about this issue frequently.

“In my case, I was 17 years old and let me do it,” said John Marshall, CEO of the Potential Energy Coalition. “He’s like,’Dad, who has been communicating for 30 years, why don’t you help with this problem?’ I think a lot of changes will happen when the younger generation encourages them to do so. . “

That’s why the Potential Energy Coalition, in collaboration with the Ad Council and Science Moms, has launched a new campaign that allows parents to discuss climate change.

Science Moms is a group of climate scientists who also aim to educate, empower and inspire their mothers through relevant information.

Melissa Burt, one of the founding members of ScienceMoms, said: “We use words that people don’t understand, so they just push this sideways.’This isn’t important to me because I don’t know what you’re saying.’ ? If you provide them with information, we can talk about things. “

The Science Moms website is packed with climate change resources for families to take action, including books, videos, and simple tools.

The problem may seem complicated, but the message is simple.

“I urge all mothers and parents to join me in this front row seat and actually use their voices and empower them to be part of that movement for change. I want it, “Bart said. “We have all experienced what happened in the last few months with extreme heat, droughts, water scarcity, fires and floods. Climate change is here and there are small windows of opportunity to act. Yes, but it’s not too late. “

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