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Corpus Christi, Texas — The Coastal Bend Fitness Group encourages mothers to stay healthy after pregnancy. Of course, we encourage you to bring your children.

Fit4Mom A group of moms exercising with their children.

The group starts at 9:30 am and exercises in Corpus Christi or Portland from Monday to Saturday.

Kendra Payne, one of her mothers, said she joined the group because she felt sick. She has been in this group for 11 months and is looking forward to staying healthy and meeting other mothers and their children.

“So I get up and motivated, and it’s fun to meet other moms. It’s a fun attempt. Jack (her son) meets other friends,” Pain said.

Jaishree Ellis, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the Coastal Bend Women’s Center, states that finding the right diet, rest and exercise balance after pregnancy is everything.

“If you overdo it, you don’t have time to do something like fitness,” Ellis said.

“Many women they struggle with have low vitamin D levels because they don’t have enough outdoors. We need sunlight. Why do we need it? It’s to observe calcium I need it. I love what this group is doing, because they aren’t just encouraging each other to get out and work there. They are doing it together to each other. Is responsible for. ”

Katie Johnston, a Fit4Mom instructor, said that everything you do in your workout will be done at home.

“We picked up the laundry basket, laid the child on the bed, and did a deadlift,” Johnson said. “So we want to protect you while you’re a mother, so that’s what strengthens your motherhood. I’ll call you. ”

Payne said these exercise sessions helped them become better mothers.

“It’s good for your health, and it makes you feel good too,” she said. If I can do it, you can do it. Grab your child, mat, band, water, stroller and come see us. It’s fun. “

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Group of moms work out with their kids post pregnancy Source link Group of moms work out with their kids post pregnancy

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