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Looking for a holiday gift to get rid of someone’s heart from all the problems on earth this year?

With pandemics spread all over the world, it would be great if you could buy a place on another planet.

Groupon claims that you can do just that.

Mel Winter was looking for a Groupon deal when he came across the strangest deal he had ever seen.

“It was’buying an acre of land from Mars,'” she said. “And I wondered,’How does it work?'”

It’s listed as only $ 15, and comes with a deed of ownership.

I was embarrassed in winter.

“At first I wondered,’Will my acres be grateful if I land on Mars? Will they build a building on my land?'” She said.

“Then I thought,’Who owns Mars?'”

Offer reminiscent of “name a star”

If this sounds vaguely like a family, it could be due to remembering a radio commercial that claimed to be able to buy a star and give it a name for you or your family.

Astronomer Dean Legas gives us International Astronomical Union It is the only group in outer space where you can name anything.

The offer to name the stars for a fee does not meet their requirements. Nor do you buy Mars, which no one on Earth owns. That is, you cannot legally buy Mars.

However, with the recent rise in pandemics, protests and anger around the world, Mars believes Mars may be the perfect place to visit.

“Going to Mars is one of the things that can connect people, this is what humans have been trying to do, and let us tell us that we can do it.” He said.

Whether or not this offer is legal is all explained in fine print and is described as a “entertainment-only” novelty gift.

In other words, it’s not a scam. Get a certificate with your name on it.

But you really don’t own the land there. In other words, you can forget to fly to Mars and visit your new home.
As always, don’t waste your money.


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