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Groups work with developer on unique plan to save historic Upstate community – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2022-06-07 23:34:26 –

Central, South Carolina (WSPA) – Central community members said they are trying to protect the neighborhood, called “alleys,” from overdevelopment. They have been working on the solution for months.

Historically, black neighbors said they found developers working with them to help the area grow in a way that was good for everyone.

Some say that the neighborhood is more than just a community, whether children are playing or people are gathering together.

“My church is in it. The church I grew up in, the church we all grew up in, is in this community. It’s a family. It’s a family. I love the whole family,” Alisha said. rice field.

“That means something not only for us, but for Hispanics, the whites who stay in this neighborhood, so we’re all a family,” she said.

“This is the person who helped Central make what it is,” said Rosa Grayden, a member of the Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH).

Alley also known as Headtown NeighborhoodIs a vulnerable population and is for sale.

“That is, the owners are John and Waynehead, and they plan to sell it. That is, John is over 90, Wayne is 65, and they want to retire, so Central City and 1 We’ve been talking for over a year and want to sell it to the city. At some point, we got a call from the city, “said Eunice Lehmacher, a member of NOAH.

Some people said they were worried about about 14 households (about 50 people) living there.

“As you know, there is a threat that you can’t go anywhere because there aren’t enough workers in the area to actually make money to move elsewhere. And they aren’t really anywhere. Can live, but they are here, “said Graden.

“Of course, I’m worried about the people who live here. And we don’t want them to be kicked out, but if the owner wants to sell it, he sells it to anyone. You can sell, so what we are trying to do as volunteers is to work with the city and other groups. A coalition of 7 or 8 groups interested in affordable housing etc. We collected it, “says Lehmacher.

Now they have help.

“Therefore, developer Holiday Ventures wants to allow people living here to stay,” says Lehmacher. “He proposed a plan to build an affordable home.”

“So apartments, single-family homes, town homes, parks, playgrounds, splash parks, dog runs,” she said.

This group also works with Habitat for Humanity.

“They are ready to build here,” said Lee Macher. “Therefore, the people renting here can be homeowners – own their own homes.”

“Alternatively, you can choose to rent an affordable home or try to buy a townhouse,” said Lee Macher.

In addition to low-income housing, community leaders said the proposed plan could include a grocery store to address the food desert problem.

“The change was to evacuate everyone from here, and now the change seems hopeful for developers who are watching people’s needs carefully,” Graden said. “We need to build a central. I have to admit it, but I won’t lose people.”

Everything Alisha said is uplifting to the historic community.

“It brings hope and everything to see what you grew up in. I don’t want to be demolished,” Alisha said.

“As long as we have life, we have hope. The problem is to get people to see what we want,” says Graden.

According to Lehmacher, the property is not zoned to own a high-density apartment, so next we are working with the city on zoning changes.

Central Mayor Andrew Beckner said development could not begin until the current owner petitioned the city to repartition the property.

The mayor then said the planning committee would consider the petition. If the planning committee agrees that rezoning will benefit the town, the planning committee will submit a formal request for rezoning to parliament.

Groups work with developer on unique plan to save historic Upstate community Source link Groups work with developer on unique plan to save historic Upstate community

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