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Growing roses for beginners: the secret to success in the garden

Turned out Where roses are involved, as in many lives, location is of utmost importance. This is an important tip for inexperienced growers who come across a variety of things and fall in love. “We really need to make sure that the roses are suitable for your place of residence,” said Peter Schneider, editor of the annual Combined Rose List, an international reference guide. Schneider, who said Instagram lovers are often grown abroad, suggested visiting a nearby botanical garden to see what works there. Alternatively, according to Missouri Botanical Garden Rosalian Matthew Norman, you can find relevant information on rose labels, catalogs, and online descriptions. Make sure the roses are suitable for your cold hardiness zone (find yours at USDA) website). “The right plant, the right place,” Norman said.

To gather more information for the fledgling rose growers, I set up a conference call with these two professionals. Here is their wisdom.

Catherine Romano: Would you recommend buying bare roots or potted roses?

Matthew Norman: In my experience, planting bare-rooted roses has shown that growth responds more actively. Bare root roses have more root mass than potted roses.

Peter Schneider: If you have a choice, you choose bare roots over containers, but today the choice of varieties available in containers is vast compared to those available in bare roots. In addition, we don’t want to plant bare root roses in the warmer springs because it’s difficult to keep them dry before they start growing and form new roots. And it is almost impossible to find bare-rooted plants in the fall. Therefore, there are limited windows in the spring weeks where you can ideally plant them.

Matthew Norman, a Rosalian at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, states that climbing the New Dawn of Roses “really begins during the growing season.”



CR: When is the best time to plant roses?

MN: Spring and autumn. Spring is the best time to plant because it is the right temperature for root production and stem growth. Spring is also the time when nursery stocks are highest.

PS: Container-grown or potted roses can be planted throughout the growing season whenever it does not frost. Special care should be taken when planting in the heat of summer.Autumn [my preferred] Time to plant roses, as there is time for the root system to develop without pressure to support new growth until spring. The result is a plant that grows roaring in the spring.

Matthew Norman

CR: Where can I buy roses?

PS: Anyone with internet access is not limited to shopping in large stores.That said, you need to find a brand you can trust [there].. I trust the Cordes family and Easy Elegance the most.But if you can buy it by mail order from a professional rose nursery [via catalog or website] Or you can visit the nursery directly and buy from someone who is actually growing roses and answer your questions about their roses. It is amazing.

MN: Popular growers and nurseries I buy include David Austin Roses, Jackson & Perkins, Cordes Roses, and Weeks Roses. When buying roses from a local hardware store or garden store, look for a rose with a solid, sturdy cane and healthy green leaves.

CR: Are there any roses that require less than 6 hours of sunlight a day?

PS: In general, the fewer rose petals, the better the shade. It should be added that many species of roses (native roses that have not been bred by humans) bloom only once and in spring.Therefore, if the shade comes from deciduous trees, those trees will often have no leaves when the rose buds of the species are formed. [and they’ll get more sun]..

MN: There are some roses that work partly in the shade [see below].. However, more light is needed due to the intensity of the scent and the formation of bloom.

Peter Schneider

CR: Can urban people grow potted roses on the balcony?

PS: I think growing roses on the balcony is perfectly feasible and makes sense. The problem is understanding what to do in winter. If the walls of the building are not glass, but some kind of solid wall, you can press the plants and cover them with burlap, and somehow insulate beyond that …

MN: You can cut it out of the pot and put it in the fridge in winter to put it to sleep. But if it can’t survive the winter, you can always get another and try again.

CR: Is there a specific rose that is best for re-blooming?

PS: In repeat bloomers, the fewer rose petals, the faster the re-flowering.

MN: Plants need more energy to make more petals. For example, New Dawn, which has about 40 petals per flower, re-blooms earlier than Madame Aniset, which is densely populated with 65-70 petals.

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Great for scents

“When Mrs. Anisette came out, I thought it was a rich French woman, but it actually smells like Anise,” Schneider said. “It is ivory cream and blooms throughout the growing season.”



Great for color

“Firefighters are very good at the bright red of the new roses that you often see in gardening centers,” Schneider said. “This is a hybrid tea rose. It’s a pot-shaped flower, one with a stem. It smells good.”



The best mountaineer

“In our zone of St. Louis, 6a, New Dawn really takes off during the growing season,” Norman said. “It definitely gets over the arbor and keeps blooming whether it’s stuck or not.”


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Best Impart Shade

“Rose is an almost perfect sun plant [6 hours a day]However, it’s Zephyrin Druhin that works partly in the shade, with 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, “Norman said. “It’s a mountaineer and has few thorns.”



Great for balconies

“In general, we need relatively compact plants that are continuous repeat bloomers,” Schneider said. “Although it’s a bit strange, Julia Child is yellow and is perfectly suited for balcony containers.”

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Growing roses for beginners: the secret to success in the garden

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